ASH ISLAND drops his second album “ISLAND”

ASH ISLAND released his second album “ISLAND”, at 6 pm on Friday, March 5th. Yoon Jin Young (윤진영) better known as ASH ISLAND debuted as a rapper under Ambition Musik. 

ASH ISLAND is quite a performer with his aggressive rap and gravelly voice. Not just that but he also has a decadent sense of fashion and a persona not to be missed. Keep reading to know more about this rockstar!

About the Artist

ASH ISLAND’s style of music can be expressed as a combination of good old rock music from the 90s paired up with his unique melancholic sensibility that sways you. 

In 2020, Korean Hip Hop Awards he bagged the title of “Best New Artist”. Formerly known as Clloud, he kicked off his career by being a contestant on HIGH SCHOOL RAPPER 2. He stood 4th place and soon after he released his debut album, Ash, on March 22, 2019. 

ISLAND” is the second album since his debut release “Ash“. He has been quite consistent and dropped amazing singles such as ‘Error’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Empty Head’, and more. Jin Young also has a long list of collaborations with artists such as Heize, Loopy, pH-1, EK, Changmo, Futuristic Swaver, Hash Swan, Zene the Zilla, and more.

Album Review 

So what can you expect from his newly released album “ISLAND”? 

The album features stellar collaborations and totally makes it difficult to pick a favorite track. It is completely produced by TOIL with assistance from Skinny Brown for the composition of the album.

Track list

The studio album consists of 11 tracks in total starting with the song ‘Melody’, which will instantly make you stop and pay attention to it. The track seems to take him down memory lane. 

The second track ‘OKAY’ featuring Swings is captivating, to say the least. It follows the mellow rhythmic flow from the first track. Talk about closure with the track OVER that has upbeat music which is bound to lift your spirit as you bid farewell. 

A STAR IS BORN is sure to remind us of the rockstar he is. Expect killer verses from the next song ‘Grand Prix featuring Beenzino.

Checks feature veteran rappers Jay Park, SUPERBEE, and The Quiett. They rap about their hardships to success and flex to the groovy melody. 

For all the lo-fi hip-hop lovers, ‘Eclipse is a track meant for you.Lonely is an instrumental number that is minimal on music and treats you with ASH ISLAND’s euphonious vocals. 

Error (feat. Loppy)‘ is one of the pre-released tracks on the album. It is one of the tracks I would recommend by this artist. 

Beautifulis a tribute to late rapper JUICE WRLD. The song features Skinny Brown and the lyrics are sure to give hope to all those in a fix. 

Even if winter passes, spring will come

The flowers which faded will bloom again

ASH ISLAND – Beautiful

The final track on the album isOne More Night featuring LIL BOI is just the song to end the album on the right note. 

To sum up, Ash Island has left us wanting more and looking out for his next project. Recently, at the Korean Hip-hop Award 2021, he delivered a captivating performance with the track ‘Melodyand ‘A STAR IS BORN’.

You can watch the performance here – 



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