APink’s Namjoo flies like a BIRD with Solo Debut Single

Kim Nam Joo Bird

Nine years after debuting with girl group APink, member Kim Namjoo has kick-started her solo musical career with the release of the Single album ‘BIRD’ on 7th September 2020. The album consists of the title track ‘BIRD’ and an instrumental version of it alongside a music video.

Bird’ is a powerful trap song mixed with different musical elements, a bold narrative, and an equally powerful visual interpretation. Written by Soyeon of (G)-IDLE, Namjoo sings of the power that comes with getting in touch with one’s core. She shines here in a character different from the one she embodies as a member of APink.

Kim Namjoo Debut Single ‘BIRD’

BIRD‘ was released after 3 concept teasers – ‘Restrained’, ‘Resist’, ‘Reborn‘. Inspired by Hermann Hesse‘s novel ‘Demian‘, the song seems to progress in accordance with the concepts. It starts off with a restrained Namjoo waking up to a sense of wanting to be free. Breaking the shackles and defying attempts to control her, she looks within to find her long-suppressed dreams and desires.

This awakening unleashes the spirit that comes with wholly accepting and being comfortable with oneself. “Throw me off a cliff. Don’t worry, I will open my wings and fly because I am a bird” is the essence of the album, a message of the will and courage to survive and flourish through anything she is put into.

Lia Kim of 1Million Dance Studio, who used to previously be Kim Namjoo’s dance teacher, has choreographed this song in keeping with its energetic sounds as well as emotional intensity. ‘BIRD’ is composed and arranged by Soyeon of (G)I-DLE and Big Sancho of YummyTone. The single album made it to multiple charts soon after its release, showing how well it was received by fans and the general public alike. Namjoo is the third member of APink to launch a solo career while being part of the group.

Find Kim Namjoo’s solo debut single ‘BIRD’ on Spotify and Apple Music.

Kim Namjoo Solo Debut Single ‘BIRD’ Music Video

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY- PlayM Entertainment Corp

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