AB6IX asks you to ‘CLOSE’ your eyes and ‘HAVE A DREAM’

BNM‘s Boy-Group AB6IX made a comeback with their 4th EP “MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM” on 26 April 2021. The title song ‘CLOSE’ also gets an accompanying music video. The EP contains 5 tracks, which will be mentioned later in the post.

The EP is the first in a planned two-part series, that serves as a follow up to their debut album ‘B: COMPLETE‘. Member Lee Dae-Hwi has actively lent his songwriting and composing talents in three of the five tracks. Park Woo-Jin has also actively participated in the rap sections of the songs.

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‘CLOSE’ by AB6IX is an upbeat, dance track with deep-house foundations. It has elements of fantasy in each of its domains- be it the music, the lyrics, or the video. The bell sounds or chimes in the music definitely a tool for the fantasy factor. The song asks the listener to close their eyes and have faith in the singer, as they promise to protect them. It takes them on a fantasy journey with their eyes closed. It’s possible that this refers to escaping reality and having a trip in the dreamland. While Park Woo-Jin is responsible for the rap, the lyrics, composition, and arrangement are done by Coach & Sendo.

The music video takes place in a realistically impossible world. As the members are shown sleeping in the beginning, this again may refer that the premise is indeed a dream. The elements that make it unrealistic, and instead a fantasy world are the scenes with flying fishes, an unlikely huge moon, etc. There is also a red thread shown throughout the video, which could possibly be the red thread of fate. Comment down what you think about it!

Watch the music video for AB6IX (에이비식스) ‘감아 (CLOSE)’:

AB6IX (에이비식스) – ‘감아 (CLOSE)’

AB6IX previously released their 3rd EP Repackage ‘SALUTE: A NEW HOPE’ earlier this year, on January 18.

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Image: MO’ COMPLETE : HAVE A DREAM – 벅스 (bugs.co.kr)



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