A.C.E collaborate with American EDM duo Grey for vibrant ‘Down’ single

A.C.E release their new English single, ‘Down’, on 16 April 2021. Along with American EDM duo Grey, the boys (minus Wow, who’s on hiatus) create a fresh and light song. Michael Trewartha, Kyle Trewartha, YOUNG J (ZBS) and MADFRESH (ZBS) wrote and composed the song.

All About “Down”

The song has plucky instrumentals that give it an airy feeling. They begin with singing about not being too social with others but one day they meet someone who they can’t get out of their mind. It really distinguishes itself from other A.C.E songs that usually go hard with energetic beats. However, ‘Down’ shows a much softer side of them and they perfectly execute the cute nature of it. While some lyrics are a bit cliche, it doesn’t hurt to listen to a lighthearted but relatable song. The chorus is catchy too, as they sing, “Let’s get away and spend the weekend / Let’s take a ride, put your head back, pop the ceiling / Somewhere just you and I can relax / As long as you’re down, down”. The music video is in vertical mode and shows them making TikToks and going live on Instagram. It matches the song’s mood but it’s nothing particularly creative. Overall, I look forward to seeing more of A.C.E showing a variety of concepts as well as increasing their international audience.

Check out ‘Down (feat. Grey)’ by A.C.E here –

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