24K start a new chapter with ‘Welcome to the Mainstreet’

On 12 June 2021, Choeun Entertainment’s 24K are back with ‘Welcome to the Mainstreet’, their first release since the group’s new line-up in 2019. The new single is in celebration of a new cafe called Mainstreet in Korea. HIYOM and Hwanwook Lee wrong and composed the song.

The new members are Changsun, Kiyong, Imchan, Xiwoo and Youngwoong, with the last three officially debuting with the single. It’s a positive and light song with lyrics that are simple and catchy. Most of it is in English and talks about New York City, the theme of the cafe in reference. It reminds you of early Kpop songs that are quite cheesy but fun to listen to. The boys take you on a tour of the city and finally, showing footage of them at Mainstreet. They show a lot of potential as a group but the move to make this single their first release was a little questionable. We hope to see a lot more of 24K and their new journey!

Check out ‘Welcome to the Mainstreet’ by 24K here –

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