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2020 was the year to remember (or not?). Nobody expected the sudden outbreak of virus and isolated living that followed along with it. Many memes arose where people expected a zombie apocalypse and not a cough/fever pandemic. But what if a zombie virus had really spread? This Korean movie gives you the taste for the same.

Poster for #Alive, korean movie released in 2020.
#Alive is a Korean Zombie Film released in 2020

Sudden Outbreak of Zombie Virus

Joon-Woo is alone at home with limited food supply, a mobile phone and TV. It has been 10 days and zombies have barged twice into his house. He has run out of all food and water. Not being able to contact his family and watching repetitive news on the TV makes him agitated. He apologizes to his father in thoughts and drinks his bottle of liquor to survive.

Few days have passed and he starts having hallucinations of his family. He is stressed and fed up of being alone, wanting to scream and cry but can’t in order to not attract the zombies. On 20th day of being in isolation, out of resources and stranded in horror, Joon-Woo hangs himself from wire. That’s when Kim Yoo-Bin (Park Shin-Hye) appears and saves him.

The Survival Game

Yoo-Bin spots Joon-Woo from the window in the apartment opposite to hers. They start to communicate with each other through signs. Yoo-Bin is all self-defense ready. She sends food package to the starved Joon-Woo through a zipline and Joon-Woo sends her a Walkie-talkie in return. Consequently, they get to hear the human voice after many days. Finally, they have someone to talk to.

Yoo-Bin observes that 8th floor of Joon-Woo’s building is empty. To avoid and get away from constantly barging-in zombies and to get some food to eat, both of them decide to go up there. Before Joon-Woo realizes Yoo-Bin jumps down from her window and there starts their unplanned rescue mission.

#Alive was released on Netflix in August 2020

As for the direction, Cho Il-Hyung has carried the it well. Joon-Woo’s isolation will remind you of the lockdown days, for instance. Yoo Ah-In and Park Shin-Hye have shown their knack in acting has they have always been doing. The story leaves behind many open ends and unexplainable situations. Moreover, it has too many miracles for a zombie apocalypse, yet it can be a go-to movie for zombie/thriller/suspense/horror movie fans. If you like the cinematography of korean movies. or if you just like the vibes; in other words, if you are a fan of korean movies, you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Park Shin-Hye in zombie movie
Park Shin-Hye

Park Shin-Hye is a South Korean actress and singer. She is active in the industry since 2003. Her popular works include “The Heirs”, “Pinnochio”, “Doctors”, “Memories of Alhambra”.

Yoo Ah-In in zombie movie
Yoo Ah-In

Yoo Ah-In is a South Korean actor and creative director. He is active in the industry since 2003. His popular works include “Punch”, “Secret Affair”,”Veteran”, “Burning”.

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