5 Korean LGBTQ+ Movies To Watch This Pride Month 2021

It’s pride month and it’s a great time to dig into some Korean LGBTQ+ movies aside from regular kdramas and kmovies. There aren’t many LGBTQ+ movies made in Korean and their Entertainment Industry has just recently started producing BL Dramas but there have already been some good productions and this genre can see a lot of boom in coming years.

The Handmaiden

Korean LGBTQ+ Movies The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is set in 1930s Korea occupied by Japan. Sooki is a pickpocket who gets hired as The Handmaiden for Lady Hideko who is a niece of dead of wife of a rich book collector. Hideko has lived a prison-like life and has not a clue about how the world runs. She is met with a conman who intends to marry her. Sooki, who has seen the world at its worst teaches Hideko things she had never known. Soon, they develop an intimate bond. The concept of movie is dark and contains erotic scenes. The movie is widely acclaimed.

Wish You

Korean LGBTQ+ Movies Man On High Heels

Wish You, also known as Your Melody in My Heart is a Korean BL(Boy Love) movie which was originally a web drama. It follows story of Kang In Soo and Yoong Sang Yi. In Soo is a singer-songwriter and Sang Yi is a keyboardist at a record company. When Sang Yi finds out about In Soo through a video, he convinces him to join his record company. After a while, they start living and working together. They feel a spark growing between them. The movie is released in 2021 and also boasts a good soundtrack. Watch it on Netflix.

Man On High Heels

korean action movie

Yoon Ji Wook(Cha Seung Won) is a police detective who is well known among the department for his ability to catch the violent criminals. For the same, he is also feared by the mafia gangs. This strong and macho man, as he’s regarded by everyone, has an underlying secret. He has been ignoring his desire for so long. Since he was a teenager, he wanted to live like a girl. Although, he suppressed his feelings for long, he’s not able to refuse them now. He leaves his job and decides to do the surgery but his past does not leave his back. The movie has more of an action and noir. However, it is one of the few movies which has a lead transgender character.

Fantasy Of The Girls

Korean LGBTQ+ Movies fantasy of the girls

Soo Yeon is a theatre student in an all girl’s school, who is directing a show of Romeo and Juliet for her high school. She spots Seon Hwa and cast her for the role of Juliet, unexpected for everyone. Opposite of her, Ha Nam is casted as Romeo. Many girls already have a crush on her. Seon Hwa and Ha Nam start spending more time together. They start having feelings for each other, like that of first love; trying to understand the emotions you are feeling for the first time.

Long Time No See

Korean LGBTQ+ Movies Long Time No See

Long time no see was initially a Korean LGBTQ+ movies & drama, later made into a movie. Two assassins “Flying Dog”(Tak Woo Seok) and “Wild Dagger”(Yeon Seung Ho) are dating each other. They work in the same field and hence, go through the same pain. Along with a raw love story which grows over time, the movie also includes well executed action scenes as the main characters are mobsters. It has a refreshing plot with not usual cliché. Although, the characters and their lives are complicated; they do not end up on sad note.

Have you watched any of the Korean LGBTQ+ movies the list? Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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