5 Korean Movies To Watch If You Liked Minari

Veteran Korean actress Yoon Yuh Jeong made history at the annual Oscar Ceremony 2021 by being the first Korean actor ever to receive the Academy Award. Her role of Grandmother, Soonja in the 2020 movie Minari gained her love and appreciation from around the world.

Minari took us through the ups and downs in familial bonds and their importance in a person’s life. If you liked Minari, here is the list of 5 movies you should watch.

The Way Home

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Sang Woo(Yoo Seung Ho) is a seven-year-old boy from Seoul who lives with his mother. When his mother is going through tough times, she leaves Sang Woo to his mother in a remote village. Sang Woo has a hard time adjusting to the village. Moreover, his grandmother(Kim Eul Boon) is mute, and Sang woo’s behavior is very disrespectful towards her. He creates a lot of trouble for her. Nonetheless, the grandma is trying to understand this spoiled city kid. Eventually, Sang Woo’s heart softens towards his grandma’s unconditional love. The movie was released in 2002 and won Grand Bell Award for Best Film and Best Screenplay.

Ode To My Father

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Deok Soo(Hwang Jung Min) is separated from his father and sister during the 1950 Korean War. His father’s last words to him were, “Be the head of this family.” He starts supporting his mother and three younger siblings from a young age. He goes to Germany where he meets a girl who would later become his wife. When everything seems to go well, Deok Soo’s uncle decides to sell the store that his wife has left behind. Deok Soo has a special attachment with his aunt’s store because his father had told him that they will meet there. The movie was released in 2014.

Keys To The Heart

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Jo Ha (Lee Byung Hun), a boxer reunites with his young brother Jin Tae (Park Jung Min) after a long time. Jin Tae is autistic and extremely talented in playing the piano. The two brothers have met for the first time and Jin Tae is scared of his older brother. Soon they develop a special bond and come to know what being a family is like. Youn Yuh Jung plays the role of their mother. The movie is both heartwarming and humorous. It was released in 2018.


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Gye Choon (Youn Yuh Jung) is a hanyeo (female diver) who lives on Jeju Island with her granddaughter Hye Ji (Kim Go Eun). One day, Gye Choon loses her granddaughter at a busy marketplace. She searches her for years but to no avail. Some 12 years later, they meet again. Hye Ji is now a rebellious teenager whom the townspeople call a “Bad Girl“. However, grandma’s love for her is unchanged. She tells her to live however she wants. Choi Min Ho is also part of a cast as Han Yi. The movie was released in 2016.


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A family loses their son, Su Ho (Yoon Chan Young) in a marine accident. His mother, Soon Nam (Jeon Do Yeon) is devastated and her husband is not in the country when she needs her the most. When he returns back, both of them have clashes of thoughts. Jung-il (Sol Kyung Gu) wants to celebrate Su Ho’s birthday to memorialize him and Soon Nam is not happy about it. The movie was released in 2019. It is said to be loosely related to the real-life incident, Sewol Ferry Accident in 2014.

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