Lunchsong Project celebrates 10 years with album ‘No man is an island’

Renowned Music Director Kwon Tae-eun’s Lunchsong Project commemorated 10 years since his solo debut, with a 10th Anniversary album ‘No man is an island’ on 26th of November.

Kwon Tae-eun is known for his work as a Music Director/Producer for major Korean musical reality shows such as SuperstarK, Phantom Singer and Superband. He has also worked with big orchestral arrangements and earned a strong place for himself in the Korean music industry. From joining JYP Entertainment as a small part of the music production team under the leadership of the now BigHit CEO Bang Shihyuk, to leading the same department in 2004 succeeding him, Kwon Tae-eun is also hailed as one of the three pillars who together brought about the Golden Age of music at JYP (alongside Park Jinyoung and Bang Shihyuk)

Lunchsong Project:

Lunchsong Project was Kwon’s way to keep his musical super-director persona aside and look inwards to where his heart is. The idea was to venture into the under-explored dimensions of music in mainstream KPop and experimenting without the burden of trends and targeted appeal. Launched on 15th August, 2010 with the album ‘ACOUSTIC‘, sentimental themes around family, daily life and memories of the past are prominent in works from Lunchsong Project.

‘No man is an island’:

On 26th November, Lunchsong Project released a 10th Anniversary special album called No man is an island, featuring multiple collaborations with different kinds of musical artists. Especially in the present times of the pandemic, the album explores collectivity and gives out the message that though we all have our own stories, we are still linked together by our experiences. The album consists of 4 Solo tracks, 9 collaborations, 4 Instrumental and 9 vocal songs.

1) No man is an island (Inst)Jinju Yi – Piano
2) Oneday happiness will find youHong Jinho of Hoppipolla (Cello)
3) Mama told meKim Hyeon Cheol
4) Ttanttala BluesForestella (Crossover Vocal Group)
5) SoundLim Seon Ho (Guitar)
6) Breaking Blue (Inst)Cho Jung Hyun (Trumpet)
7) The Town
8) From twenty-five to thirty-one
9) 1985 (Inst)Lee Seo Yeon
10) Looking at you makes me happySon Taejin of Forte di Quattro
11) Little Chair
12) One day happiness will find youBrilliante Children’s Choir
13) It’s alright, thank you, love you (Inst)
Lunchsong Project ‘No man is an island’ Track listing

The album brings together musicians from different areas of the field to weave their magic around the theme. Notable is Kwon’s working with artists he knows from his Reality show work – Hoppipolla (Winner, Superband), Forte di Quattro (Winner, Phantom Singer 1), Forestella (Winner, Phantom Singer 2) and instrumentalists – Lim Seon Ho (Guitar), Cho Jung Hyun (Trumpet), Yi Jinju (Piano) etc. All tracks, spanning various genres and sub-themes, have been written, composed and arranged by Kwon Tae-eun himself.

Lunchsong Project‘s 10th Anniversary album ‘No man is an island‘ is up for listening on Spotify and Apple Music.

Lunchsong Project ‘Oneday happiness will find you’ ft. Hong Jinho – Music Video

Video Courtesy: 2020 Lunchsong Creative, under license to Kakao M Corp
Picture Courtesy: Mystic Story Twitter

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