“Jelly”; LambC wants to get more attention from their beloved!

Singer-songwriter LambC released the single album “Part 3: Jelly [I’ll see you when I see you]” on 24 March 2021. The single consists of one title track called Jelly. The song is written, composed, and arranged by LambC himself along with musician and lyricist sh.

This is LambC third pre-release comeback in 2021 under the series “I’ll see you when I see you“. This project is LambC’s first full-length project. The previous two tracks released were Emotional‘ and ‘WHEN MY HEART BREAKS’.

An official music video was also released for the track “Jelly“. Below is the official music video for the track!

LambC – ‘Jelly’ MV

Delving deep into “Jelly”

The Video

The music video is based on the build-up pattern. Everything from cinematography to music builds up like a climax. The video begins in all black and white, slowly the colours added into the video one by one. During the final chorus, all the colours also are visible. Seems as if emotions that were keeping the mood low have been released.

The Music

Jelly” is an indie-pop track with a hint of soul. It has simple and laid-back layering. It adorns a minimal synthesizer, bass guitar, soft strumming, and drums in the layers. The composition forms a melody that lingers with a soft impact on the ears. LambC vocals add the final stroke in the masterpiece. Not only they add a soothing effect, but also add a quirky jive.

The Lyrics

The title is named “Jelly” because it expresses the quirky feeling of harmless jealousy. The song is based on the yearning to get more involved, gain more attraction, and get involved.

Written keeping in mind the emotion of jealousy. The phrases communicate to the listeners the “want to be the only thing you want“.

Here is an excerpt from the lyrics!

I’m Jelly about
Did I say that too loud stop
looking around
I wanna be the one
you crave at night
I wanna be the one
you love all night

Jelly – LambC

Hear what LambC has to say about this release!

Detailed Credits

Music, Video and Image Credits – Happy Robot Records, Genie Music, Stone Music

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