CityNoise is back with his new single ‘Just Rest‘. He released this track on 23rd February 2021 hoping it could help people who have been frustrated and hurt by the world coming to a halt due to Covid-19. The album is created by him, together with his crew ‘Wet City‘.

This song has a soft and calm rhythm which carries the singer’s soothing vocals extremely well. The lyrics are one of the focal points of this song. CityNoise sings about the situation everyone is facing right now, it talks about us all being stuck in-between a feeling of unfamiliarity and familiarity.

The lyrics of the song starts off with expressing the anger and confusion people went through initially, then slowly walks towards comforting us by telling that it is nobody’s fault and that everyone is going through the same thing. This song is a warm hug, that will melt your heart which had turned cold due to the pandemic.

The music video of this song is a visual representation of what you would feel while listening to it. This song feels like empty streets at night, playgrounds without children and airports in the morning. The smooth and relaxing vibe will surely put you in a beautiful trance.

Check out the music video for ‘Just Rest’:

CityNoise – μž μ‹œ μ‰¬μ—ˆλ‹€ 갈래? (Just rest) MV

Composition, Lyrics and Arrangement: CityNoise

Image/video courtesy: Wet City

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