20 Years Of Age’s new single ‘Closer (Me Before You)’

Soloist ’20 Years Of Age’ released a single ‘Closer (Me Before You) on December 28, 2020. 

The indie track is produced by Shin Taekwon and the singer. 

The song is inspired by JoJo Moyes‘s ‘Me Before You‘. In his album introduction, the singer mentioned how he tried to capture the surge of emotions he felt after watching the movie adaptation of 2012 romance novel. 

With the rush of emotions, love is like a surging wave. The wave instead of scaring you away, pulls you in. Promise of death doesn’t make love fade away. The lyrics describe love as an ocean, once you step in it there is no end. He thinks he has finally reached the end of his great love, but he finds the vast blueness staring right back at him as soon as he opens his eyes. The point of all these metaphors is to ask a simple question, ‘Will love transcend death?’

The singer doesn’t indulge in more metaphors to answer his question, he simply whispers as long as he can feel his lover’s heartbeat in his own, their love will stay aflame. 

In case love begins again.

hold one’s breath several times

The way you’re pictured,

It’s like a surging wave

Closer (Me Before You) Translated lyrics

Me Before You revolves around a wealthy young banker Will Traynor, who after an accident was left completely paralyzed, and his caretaker Louisa Clarke as they fall in love despite all the circumstances.

Listen to the song here.

Closer (me before you) official audio

Image/audio courtesy: Shofar Music, Kakao M Corp.

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