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VINXEN, OVAN, Im Soo and VAN.C collaborate for ‘JUNG 정’


VINXEN, OVAN, and VAN.C of music label Romantic Factory, as well as independent artist Im Soo, collaborated to release a project single titled ‘(JUNG)’. The song was released on 17 December 2020. A music video was released alongside the digital single, featuring VINXEN, OVAN, and Im Soo.

ArtistSong TitleProduced ByWritten By
VINXEN (빈첸), OVAN (오반), Im Soo (임수)JANG 정VAN.CVINXEN, OVAN, Im Soo

A little background information on the artists –

VINXEN and Im Soo are associated with the music crew, named KIFF CLAN. VINXEN, OVAN, and VAN.C belong to the same music label (i.e. Romantic Factory), and it is the first time that the trio will be collaborating together in this combination.

OVAN and VAN.C have worked together on several occasions, with the latter having produced for the former.

You can listen to their collaboration works on VAN.C‘s SoundCloud here. OVAN had collaborated with VINXEN multiple times in the past.

Official M/V of JUNG

JUNG‘ narrates the emotions of a person in a troubled relationship, a situation that may be relatable to some. VINXEN, OVAN, and Im Soo work together to emulate the emotions necessary to convey the story they want to in the most honest way possible. VAN.C’s productions for this track leans towards a more standard, ballad and pop fusion type sound.

A live performance of the song ‘JUNG by the 3 performing artists was released on the official 1theK channel and Warner Music Korean channel.

1theK Live Performance
Warner Music Korean Live Clip

If you’d like to support VINXEN, OVAN, and Im Soo, or view more of their music, you can do so through their official channels:

|| VINXEN | Spotify | Apple Music ||
|| OVAN | Spotify | Apple Music ||
|| Im Soo | Spotify | Apple Music ||


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