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With the 10th season of arguably South Korea’s most popular rap survival show Show Me The Money or SMTM recently announced its first lineup of producers. The lineup consists of Mino, runner up for SMTM season 4 and member of Boy-group WINNER and GRAY, who’s a producer under AOMG. While GRAY is appearing as a producer for the second time after season 5 while it’s Mino’s first time as a producer.

While the producer line-up does have its own contribution to the show’s popularity, but it’s the contestants that make it or break it. Numerous aspirants have auditioned for the show, everyone with their own ambitions. Here we look at a few notable names that we found out amongst them.


Although rumours were floating, BASICK’s auditioning again for SMTM was something unexpected. As a former champion of the show, He’ll probably be under lots of pressure to prove himself again. He won the 4th season of the show, and interestingly, his rival in the finals, MINO has joined this season as producer. With lots of experience behind him, he’s certainly getting the stakes higher. Debuting way back in 2008, Basick is currently signed to his own label Outlive. Here’s a little shortcut for you – Spotify – Basick


Gwangil Jo made his debut in the form of a single titled Grow Back which featured Brown Tigger, in October 2019. Since then he has regularly released new music and has grown in popularity. His latest release was also a single titled Let’s Disco Dance, which was released on 28th June 2021. He made his debut under Pinto Sound but is currently signed to Dippin’ Carls records. Head over to Spotify – Gwangil Jo and listen to his music right now!


As a veteran who has been active for more than 8 years, Kanto’s inclusion will definitely call for some extra attention. He made his first appearance as part of BRAND NEW MUSIC PROJECT SINGLE back in December 2012. He made his debut, in 2013, with a single titled What You Want. From his debut, he’s been an artist under Brand New Music. He was also a contestant in the second season of SMTM. Hop on Spotify – Kanto for his discography.


Member of the hip-hop duo Roof Top’ along with Dive, Blase has taken interest in yet another season of SMTM after participating in both of the two previous seasons. He made his debut as a member of Roof Top, as well as his solo debut, in 2018. Currently signed under FA, We look forward to what this returner brings to the show. Here’s the complimentary link to his tracks – Spotify – Blase


Former leader of the famed Dickids Crew, Unofficialboyy has vast experience of rap survival shows, He has been a part of 3 seasons of SMTM (4, 777, and 8) as well as High School Rapper 1. He made his official debut in 2017 under Urbane Music, with I Will Give You All I Got. To listen to his music, go here – Spotify – unofficialboyy


A comparatively newer name, M1NU made his official debut with Highline Entertainment in 2020 and currently only has one official release as the lead artist. However, he has been in the public eye before that as well, due to collaborations and survival shows. He has been a part of SMTM8 and SMTM9 as well as High School Rapper 4. Here’s the gateway to his releases Spotify – M1NU.


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Another signee from Highline Entertainment, PLUMA made his debut in 2019. Since then he has released 3 single albums and an EP. He also holds experience in survival shows, courtesy of his participation in HSR 3 and HSR 4. His latest EP also had some big-name collaborations like Paloalto, Hash Swan, Reddy, and Geegooin. Head over to Spotify – PLUMA for a listen.

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