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MUSHVENOM, JUSTHIS ask you to ‘Take It 옜다’ in M/V


South Korean hip-hop artists MUSHVENOM (머쉬베놈) of H1GHR MUSIC and JUSTHIS (저스디스) of Indigo Music have released a music video for their song titled ‘Take It‘ or ‘옜다‘, produced by duo GroovyRoom (그루비룸), labelmates of MUSHVENOM. The video features appearances from all participating artists and a cameo from Swings, founder of Indigo Music.

The song is from an album titled ‘G+Jus‘, representing GroovyRoom and JUSTHIS. All three songs on the album feature the trio and contain features from a variety of other artists.

ArtistSong TitleProduced ByWritten By

JUSTHIS, pH-1 , BIG Naughty,
Woodie Gochild,
Jay Park, Kidd King (키드킹)
VVS (H1GHR REMIX)GroovyRoomJUSTHIS, pH-1 , BIG Naughty,
TRADE L, Woodie Gochild,
Jay Park, Kidd King
JUSTHIS, Mirani (미란이), pH-1, Munchman,
Skinny Brown, Louie, Leellamarz,
Ourealgoat, Dbo (디보), Sik-K,
Owen, Kid Milli, Swings (스윙스),
Nudeboi Seo, TRADE L, Coogie,
Blase, sokodomo, Khundi Panda, 휘민 (Lil Moshpit), Khakii
Achoo RemixGroovyRoom, Mirani, pH-1All of the participating artists.

The name ‘G+Jus‘ originates from the trio’s time on Season 9 of Mnet’s rap survival show ‘Show Me The Money’. GroovyRoom and JUSTHIS had appeared as a producer team, working and performing together. They had produced and created an original song during the producer’s performance stage.

GroovyRoom and JUSTHIS performing together as a collective’

Take It‘ blends and showcases the best of talents belonging to the participating artists. GroovyRoom once again spins a compelling beat, combining the raw sound of trumpets with modern trap beats; the addition of a gentle acoustic guitar, solemnly strumming in the background gives the song a mariachi band feels to it. As strange as that sounds, it works quite well, especially with MUSHVENOM‘s intonation and style of rap, known for being erratic and out-of-the-box. JUSTHIS swoops in to ground the viewers back to reality with his more realistic and gritty style of rap, the two artists complementing each other despite having widely contradicting styles of rap.

Take It (Prod. Groovy Room) – MUSHVENOM, JUSTHIS

You can take a look at the music video for ‘Take It‘ here. If you would like to view the rest of the single album, you can do so by checking out the link posted by the official H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS channel in the description of the video, or clicking on this text, which will redirect you to the various platforms it is available on.

Image/Video courtesy of H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS.

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