Live the CULTURE with DOK2GONZO’s new release

A living legend in the Korean Hip-Hop arena, Dok2, under a different yet recognizable stage name DOK2GONZO, released a new track titled ‘CULTURE‘ on 26 April 2020. The music video for the song was also released through various social sites.

Watch the music video for DOK2GONZO – ‘CULTURE‘ :

DOK2GONZO is currently part of POSTA BOY$ and LAST KINGS GROUP. He also gives both of the entities a shout-out in the hook of the song. The song is intelligently divided into English and Korean parts, acknowledging the influence of both worlds and mentioning his connection with the Philippines. The song doesn’t experiment, instead keeps it basic. The music is chill and puts the rapper in the driver’s seat. DOK2GONZO delivers his verses in a very old-school way. The verses are tight and combine with the music to create a very laid-back vibe, while still being assertive. The lyrics seem to be about his life as an artist and assert his dominance over other rappers’ rap skills.

The music video is a pretty generic hip-hop video. You see a lot of flex, women and booze. Add to this mixture some appearances from members of POSTA BOY$, and you have the video. That being said, it’s not a bad video, but it’s not the selling point either.

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Image/Video Source : DOK2GONZO – YouTube


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