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Light up your playlist with Paul Blanco – Lake of Fire II

paul blanco lake of fire 2

Korean-Canadian Singer, Rapper and Producer – PAUL BLANCO released his 2nd EP titled “Lake of Fire II” on 1st April 2021. The EP contains 8 distinct tracks, with three of them being labelled as title tracks.

The predecessor to this EP i.e “Lake of Fire” dates back to April of 2019. It contains 5 tracks, including 1 title track.

Here’s the playlist for ‘Paul Blanco – Lake of Fire II’ :
Styx (Feat. Jugger)

Despite having 8 tracks, Paul Blanco’s ‘Lake of Fire II’ has a combined duration of just over 16 minutes. This is owing to the fact that the tracks are shorter- ranging from 1:43 min to 2:30 min. Even in this short time, the artist has showcased his versatility, as the tracks range from dark hip-hop to more melodic and laid-back songs. The sound changes gradually from the first track to the last.

Each and every track of the EP has been written, composed, and produced by Paul Blanco. Jugger co-wrote the lyrics for one of the songs in which they themselves featured. Aiza has also been credited for additional vocals in ‘Nothing‘. Find the complete track-list further down this page.

The songs are a reflection of what he has experienced in his life so far, be it the doubtful eyes of others, or the uncalled hate. He talks of his journey from rags and riches and what has changed because of it and what hasn’t. He also tackles anxiety in one of the songs – Solitude. In his own words – ‘Scariest place to me is inside my thoughts‘. He also talks of his experiences with love and relationships in ‘Hold You Down‘ and ‘Gone’ and how his fame has affected it.

Fancy Spotify? Here’s the album on Spotify:

Interestingly both his EPs contain tracks referring to a popular anime/manga series. The first EP contained the track ‘Itachi Mode‘, referring to the popular character from the Naruto series, as well as ‘Kenpachi’ from the series Bleach. This time he uses ‘Founding Titan‘ as a track name, which is taken from the Attack On Titan series.


  • Styx (Feat. Jugger)
  • Art of War (title)
  • Founding Titan
  • Nothing (title)
  • Hold You Down (title)
  • Solitude
  • Constantine
  • Gone


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Video/Playlist: Paul Blanco – Topic – YouTube

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