LOCO released his new EP “Some Time” on 14 October 2020 featuring artists Heize and Car, the Garden. The EP consists of 4 tracks including the title track “Can’t sleep”, for which a music video was also released. The EP is part of the Hip-Hop genre with elements of R&B.


Return HomeLOCOhoiwave, ampoff, LOCO
Can’t sleep (Feat. Heize)LOCO, HeizeCODE KUNST, LOCO, Heize, Park Jongwon
Finally (Feat. Car, The Garden)LOCO, Car, The GardenMoocean, LOCO, Car,The Garden
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LOCO is a rapper under the label AOMG entertainment who made his debut in 2012. He was the winner of MNET’s rap competition “Show me the money” in 2012. He has released many singles and has also collaborated with various artists. Some of his hits include “Still” Feat. Crush, “Don’t” Feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo and “It takes time” Feat. Colde, to name a few.

Featuring in the title track, Heize is a singer, rapper, songwriter and composer who made her debut in 2014. She is famous for her singles like “We don’t talk together” and “Falling leaves are beautiful”.

Car, the garden who was featured in the song “Finally” is a singer who debuted in 2010. His most famous work is his EP “Jackasoul”.

LOCO – Can’t Sleep (feat. Heize)

Gotta go to sleep

for tomorrow to come

Just tossing around

as if time has stopped

LOCO – Can’t sleep (Feat. Heize)

The lyrics and music video are speculated to be about insomnia and its possible causes. Despite being exhausted and out of breath LOCO says he has trouble falling asleep. For things to get better and for a bright tomorrow he knows he has to sleep. This leaves him feeling trapped.

Loco’s lines

I can’t sleep

I can’t breathe

Meaninglessly why am I trying to

hold on to you?

LOCO – Can’t sleep (Feat. Heize)

The cause of this insomnia seems to be a person, probably a significant other, portrayed by Heize. He claims that sleep is his only means of escape from the reality that they are present together. Her company seems to suffocate him as he seeks some time alone to catch a breath. On the other hand, she believes that only she can “heal” the pain away and help him breathe.

Heize’s lines-

If it rains all night

you will dream of me

Sorry, got no intention to play games in your head

I can sleep

And breathe so deep

Already, I’m filling up your empty spot

LOCO – Can’t sleep (Feat. Heize)

The music video is quite the opposite to the dark and melancholic lyrics of the song. Featuring LOCO and Heize, the video utilizes cute concepts and décor. Bright colors and LOCO’s cheerfulness are sure to distract you from what is important

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