CHANGMO and BRLLNT say “It Ain’t Personal” in new collab

South Korean hip-hop artist CHANGMO of Ambition Musik and Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer BRLLNT have released a collaborative single titled “It Ain’t Personal“. It was conceptualized for the promotion of streetwear clothing lines ‘PEACHES D8NE’ and ‘LIBILLY’ and released on 11 June 2021.

Teaser for It Ain’t Personal

The song features CHANGMO as a performing artist with BRLLNT having produced the single. It is of the hip-hop/rap genre, with the instrumental being a futuristic retro-pop type of style. The song was created for the Peaches. X LIBILLY showcase occurring at a D8NE venue.

Audio Version of It Ain’t Done

The song’s lyrics flexes one’s wealth and lifestyle, concurrent with the type of merchandise and branding that Peaches. and LIBILLY sell at their respective stores.

Despite being a promotional song, the track is certainly quite catchy, with a nice and bouncy hook and CHANGMO shouting out 1llionaire as well the respective brands. BRLLNT doesn’t shy back either, with producing a song whose quality is on par with his other releases. Fans of the two will definitely enjoy this unexpected but heartily welcomed collaboration, and one can only hope they choose to work together in some capacity again.

If you’d like to check out other works by the artists, you can do so through their official channels:

Changmo | Spotify | Apple Music
BRLLNT | Spotify | Apple Music

Image/Video Courtesy of the respective artists and brands.

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