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Bumkey releases a collaborative single with Suran and dress, “Mine”

R&B singer, Bumkey has released a single in collaboration with Suran and dress, titled, Mine on January 27, 2020, as a part of the KozyPop project. The single features the title track along with an instrumental version of the same.

The name, KozyPop is a combination of the two terms, ‘cozy’ and ‘K-pop’, and essentially refers to an audience that enjoys music that has a certain mellow atmosphere as opposed to being a part of a certain genre.

The founder of KozyPop, is June A, and they have released over two hundred songs over two years collaborating with various artists, most noted being, PAY DAY, CHANGMO, and Ash Island. One of their major successful projects is the album series, “Seoul Vibes” which attempted at introducing indie artists to a wider audience.

The track,Mine has been produced by dress, who has also partaken in the production of the project’s last release, “Darling”. The song has been written and composed by Griffy and brightenlight

Mine with KozyPop by Bumkey, Suran, dress

The song as expected as being a part of the KozyPop project has a very mellow and chill vibe to it. It also has quite a unique melody with its use of instruments such as trumpet, drums, Synth and guitar.

It seems to be a song about a blossoming love between two people, and describes the time spent together like that of being on a vacation together. These sweet sentiments of love are seen in lyrics such as,

“Like a little vacay baby,

Baby girl you’re mine girl, you’re mine,

Perfect picture, I need you babe,

Yeah Imma come to your place.

It’s you and me in this room,

All the way up boy let’s go.

You’re mine, you’re mine baby,

Cuz I’m in love with you,

You’re loving, loving, loving me.”

Mine with KozyPop by Bumkey, Suran, dress

Both Suran and Bunkey’s vocals as they rap and sing together in harmony create such a beautiful atmosphere that one can almost picture this feeling of love in their mind. 

Listen to the single on Spotify

Mine with KozyPop by Bumkey, Suran , dress

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY – Brandnew music, Highline Entertainment, Link 6 Inc.

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