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BLOO’s (블루) living a ‘Drama’ in new release


MKIT RAIN‘s BLOO finally made a return to the music scene with his new single ‘Drama‘, released on 5 February 2021. Along with the release of the single, is a music video starring BLOO himself.

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This can't be the end
Don't hug me goodbye
Don't say you're going home

Drama‘ was teased the day of its release, which came as a surprise to fans of BLOO.

Teaser for ‘Drama’ by BLOO

Drama‘ is a melodic rap and indie rock fusion, narrating the sad tale of a couple told from the perspective of one side. The song recalls the good memories the two once faced, with the lines “This can’t be the end, Don’t hug me goodbye” present as a sad reminder that we’re looking at people that once were, and not are.

Music Video for Drama by BLOO

Despite being relatively repetitive in terms of lyrics, BLOO’s ability to convey the feeling of being in love without having experienced it yourself stays sharp as always. The emotion he portrays through the use of heart-felt melodies in combination with the realistic visuals from the music video is a solid combination. Reading lines about the eventual end of the relationship while watching cleverly filmed footage that will make you question whether you’re watching an on-screen couple or candid footage, is a special type of pain that BLOO so delicately puts the viewers in.

BLOO is a member of the hip-hop crew MKIT RAIN (along with Loopy and Owen) and is signed to the label MKIT RAIN Records (under UNCUTPOINT). He has previously collaborated with artists such as oceanfromthebloo, SLEEPY, and niahn.

If you’d like to support BLOO or view more of their music, you can do so through their official channels:

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