BIG Naughty make a comeback with new EP ‘SIKE’

South Korean rapper and hip-hop artist BIG Naughty treated his fans with a new 3-track EP release on the 8 June, 2021, featuring a myriad of other hip-hop artists. All of the tracks can be found on the official H1GHR MUSIC Youtube Channel, the label that BIG Naughty is signed to as of now.

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Audio upload of BIG Naughty’s Turn Up

The line-up of artists featuring on BIG Naughty‘s ‘Turn Up‘ is a reunion of sorts, with M1NU, Veinyfl, and Layone having previously collaborated with BIG Naughty for the 8th season of MNet‘s rap survival show Show Me The Money, on the track ‘κΈ‰SICK‘ produced by Grene Man.

Dingo Freestyle Live also released a live mic version of ‘Turn Up‘, featuring all of the artists on the track. The artists’ charisma and presence really come through to listeners through this performance of the song.

Hit the bank, ay we the robbers
Spend it all, then earn it again

BIG Naughty – Turn Up

All the tracks on ‘SIKE‘! are of the trap/hip-hop genre. BIG Naughty, known for doing R&B-esque melody raps, goes out of his comfort zone for the most part, and manages to execute it smoothly. ‘Turn Up‘ sprinkles in old-school vibes to it, with the use of a boom-bap type beat. ‘$$$’ featuring Kid Milli and ‘5 Gawd Remix‘ feel more modern comparatively – long-term fans of the Korean hip-hop scene would not be surprised to hear the track having been produced by Superbee, as the instrumental definitely reflects his style.

If you’d like to support BIG Naughty and listen to more of his work, you may do so through his official channels:
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Image/Video Courtesy: H1GHR MUSIC, Dingo Freestyle

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