The Sweet Blood | A Vampire Mini-Series for Short Binge

The Sweet Blood is a vampire miniseries adapted from the webtoon, “The Sweet Girl“. It is a fantasy drama and the story is based in High School.

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Vampire disguised as high school student

Son Yeon Seo is a 118 years old half-vampire who is living life disguised as a high school student. Her mother was a human and her father is a vampire. She is not on good terms with her father and wants to live a normal life like a human.

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Yeon Seo has an excellent sense of taste and smell, hence works as a sommelier for her father’s blood wine company. Her father runs a business of making wine out of human blood. However, these vampires don’t suck it out of humans anymore. They use it from blood banks.

The Sweet Blood of Kang Meo Roo

Kang Meo Roo studies in the same high school as Yeon Seo and has a secret crush on her. He is not aware of her being a vampire. In Addition, Meo Roo is not aware that he has The Sweet Blood. The Sweet Blood is rare and precious to vampires because it makes the best blood wine.

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Yeon Seo tries her best to hide him from his father but to no avail. After her father finds out about this, he calls Yoon Chi Woo to handle this business. Chi Woo is Yeon Seo’s fiancé from 50 years ago. He joins the same school to find Meo Roo and his Sweet Blood. Alongside, Do Hyun Je, a werewolf is also in disguise in high school. He seems to be on Yeon Seo’s side but has hidden agenda.

The mini-series has only 15 episodes of 10 mins each. The series looks like different scenes put together and made into episodes. There is no clear connection between what is happening. The plot is rushed where it could have been elaborated. However, The story has a lot of potentials to grow in the next season.

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Main Cast

Son Yeon Seo, The Sweet Blood
Song Chae Yoon

Song Chae Yoon is a South Korean actress debuted in 2017. She has appeared in “The tale of Nokdu” and “The Sweet Blood”

Yoon Chi Woo, The Sweet Blood
Kim Ji Woong

Kim Ji Woong is a South Korean singer and actor. He debuted as singer in kpop group INX in 2016. He debuted as actor with “The Sweet Blood” in 2021.

Kang Meo Roo, The Sweet Blood
Kim Eo Jin

Kim Eo Jin is South Korean actor. He made his acting debut with “The Sweet Blood” in 2021.

Do Hyun Je, The Sweet Blood
Cho Eun Ho

Cho Eun Ho is South Korean actor. He made his acting debut with “The Sweet Blood” in 2021.

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