“Strangers from Hell” might give you a glimpse of the Abyss.

Introduction :

Strangers from Hell is a 2019 OCN K-drama starring Im Si-wan and Lee Dong-wook. The drama is based on the Naver WEBTOON series of the same name by Kim Yong-ki. It is the second series of OCN’s “Dramatic Cinema” project which combines film and drama formats.

Plot :

Yoon Jong-Woo (Im Si-Wan) is a man in his 20’s. He has lived in a small town for all of his life, but he gets a job at a small office in Seoul. Later he moves out to Seoul and stays at a cheap co-living apartment. He doesn’t like staying at the apartment while finding other residents seem weird and suspicious.

Cast Breakdown :

Im Si Wan starring as Yoon Jong-Woo is a guy with PTSD who gets a job offered to him by a senior in Seoul. A small-town guy with a single mother and specially challenged little brother he shifts to Seoul to earn the bread. He plays the character who is trying to survive in the big city, suppressing his anger against people around him in a way you never expected to see from him.

Kim Ji Eun starring as Min Ji Eun, Joong-Woo’s girlfriend is a character you feel sad about because of the work stress she has to go through.

Chae Rae-Hyong’s character, Shin Jae Ho has gaslighting tendencies and him secretly hitting on Joong-Woo’s girlfriend will might make you hate this character.

The character who is a very important part of the series is Patrol Officer So Jung Hwa played by Ahn Eun Jin, most of you would know Ahn Eun Jin from Hospital Playlist where she played the character of Min Ah. You’ll get to see her in a different light as she plays the character who is righteous and wants to do their duty right, a police officer who became an officer to help people.

Series Breakdown :

Joong Woo is from a small town who then shifts to Seoul as he is provided a job by his senior Jung Hwa. The job provided him the opportunity to earn some money and be closer to his girlfriend, Ji Eun. He grabs on to the opportunity and leaves for the city. He, however, finds it difficult to find a place in Seoul, and while on the hunt for the same he finds Eden Residence. It is a cheap apartment that is barely liveable, whilst he comes across a set of crazy, enigmatic, weird fellow tenants with whom he experiences things he never expected he would.

The colour gradient used in the drama and every shot taken in the residence makes you hold your breath as you don’t know what will be happening next. The drama keeps you on your toes, makes you feel goosebumps and even sick in your stomach at various moments. The cinematography is worth applause and the acting of each character is delivered on point. The background score is perfect overall the drama is a psychological thriller masterpiece. The OST consists of Rock and Alternative rock pieces with a few favorite pieces being “Stranger by The Rose” and “Room 303 by The VANE”.

Conclusion :

For romance lovers, this drama will be a huge disappointment as there’s none but if you’re into crime thrillers and suspense I think you’ve found the drama you were looking for. If you can’t take gore or graphic images stay away from this drama as most of the sites don’t provide trigger warnings. The drama is available on Netflix so go ahead and binge it if you want to.

Personal Ratings : 9/10

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