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Penthouse Season 1 ended with Oh Yun Hui fleeing as a fugitive and Ha Yun Cheol leaving for the USA. It is now Cheon Seo Jin and Ju Dan Tae’s reign at Hera Palace. They are on their way to growing into one of the most powerful couples in Korea. With the merging of their business, Ju Dan Tae is closer to his ambitious Ju Dan Tae Village. It is going to be interesting to see what the second season of this popular Kdrama unfolds.

This article DOES NOT contain major spoilers.

Penthouse Season 2
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Come back of Oh Yun Hui & Na Ae Gyo

Logan Lee rescues Oh Yun Hui from going to prison but she is still under criminal charges for the murder of Sim Su Ryeon. She makes a comeback after 2 years and frees herself from the murder charges with the help of Logan again. Ha Yun Cheol who had also gone to the US, comes back with her for revenge against Cheon Seo Jin. However, Yun Hui does not allow Ro Na to come back, concerned about her safety.

Women of hera palace
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Na Ae Gyo, supposedly dead birth mother of Seok Hun and Seok Gyeong is back at the Penthouse. Ju Dan Tae’s ex-wife is loaded with all of his secrets. Her being a lookalike of Sim Su Ryeon could create a lot of problems for Ju Dan Tae, but only she knows whether she’s here to help him or destroy him.

Cheong Ah Arts Festival

Cheong Ah Arts Festival is the most anticipated festival from Penthouse season 1. Finally, the time has come when all the kids are participating in this prestigious competition/festival. Ha Eun Byeol and Ju Seok Gyeong are the main contenders for the Daesang prize. To everyone’s surprise, Ro Na makes a comeback. And, the only person happy about this is Ju Seok Hun. Consequently, Eun Byeol starts having panic attacks again after Ro Na comes back as her rival.

Girls of Hera Palace
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On the day of the festival, everyone is waiting for the results, and just before the Daesang winner is announced, the guard breaks into the hall screaming that there is a dead person on the stairways. This incident is the kick-start of all the dirty games that are to be played further.

The downfall of Hera Palace

The Hera Palace People are busy running after money, having no idea that they are being set in a trap. One after another, the Hera Palace starts to crumble down. The owner of Penthouse, Ju Dan Tae comes out as the demon behind many heinous deeds. From the death of Min Seol Ah to the recent brutal incidents, everyone involved is exposed to the world. Therefore, punished by the law.

However, the show does not stop her. The third and final season in the series is set to release in June 2021. Je Ni’s father is released from prison. Sim Su Ryeon is back from the dead. For two seasons, she avenged her daughter’s and doppelganger’s death. We can highly expect her to avenge her lover’s death in the last season. The previous two seasons gained high popularity and ratings; given that, anticipations are massive for the final installment in the series.

Main Cast

Cheon Seo JIn Penthouse
Kim So Yeon

Kim So Yeon is a Korean actress known for her roles in Pentouse Season 1, Prosecutor Princess. She has won award for Best Female Actor at 57th Baeksang Awards 2021.

Oh yun Hui Penthouse

Eugene is a Korean singer and actress. She is a former member of the girl group S. E. S. Her popular shows include Penthouse Season 1Save the Last Dance for me, All about my Mom.

Sim Su Ryeon Penthouse
Lee Ji Ah

Lee Ji Ah is a Korean actress known for her roles in Beethoven Virus, Athena, Thrice Married Woman, Penthouse Season 1.

Ju Dan Tae Penthouse
Um Ki Joon

Um Ki Joon is a Korean film actor and a former musical theatre actor. His popular works include Innocent Defendant, Heart Surgeons, Penthouse Season 1

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