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VIXX’s top- notch production “Love Me Do”


VIXX has always been looked up to in Kpop as the “Concept Kings“. They have effortlessly pulled off various concepts ranging from intergalactic vampires in “On and On” to murderer perfumers in “Scentist“. They are known to have done some of the most diverse concepts to existing in the Kpop industry.

In my opinion, the song “Love Me Do” yet one of the most underappreciated songs in the album “KER“. The repackaged album “KER” trilogy consists of “Zelos“, “Hades” and “Kratos” albums. The album production, the music and the concept – everything was of top-notch quality. While the title tracks gained popularity for the way they were produced, the trilogy also featured some of the most amazing B-sides.

You may watch the Special Showcase of the track “Love Me Do” below!

Star Show 360 – “Love Me Do” Sp. showcase by VIXX

“Love Me Do”

The complex base sounds with the vocal range of VIXX turned it into a masterpiece. The vocal styling, especially Ken’s and Leo’s vocals make it a masterpiece. Combine their flowy voices with the smooth vocal tone of N and deep raspy Rap of Ravi. The instrumental is rather simply layered and that’s what makes it amazing. Its impact remains for a long time in your head.

An excerpt from the lyrics:

๋„ˆ๋Š” ์ข€ ๋‹ค๋ฅธ girl
(Youโ€™re a bit different, girl)
Like a diamond
๋„ˆ๋Š” ๋น›๋‚˜๋Š” girl

(You are shining, girl)
๋ฐ˜์ง์ž„์— ๋ฏธ์นœ ๋‚ด๊ฐ€

(Iโ€™m crazed by your glittering light)
๋„ ๋†“์น˜๊ธฐ ์‹ซ์€ ๊ฑธ

(I donโ€™t want to lose you)
์˜จ ๋ชธ์ด ๋–จ๋ ค์™€

(My whole body trembles)

Love Me Do – VIXX

You may listen to the full album “KER” on Spotify here!

Music Image and Video Courtsey – JELLYFISH ENTERTAINMENT, StarShow 360 (ALL THE K-JAM)

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