Is BVNDIT’s Dumb On Your Dance Playlist Yet?

BVNDIT (pronounced BANDIT), MNH Entertainment’s first girl group consisting of the members Yiyeon, Songhee, Jungwoo, Simyeong and Seungeun. They released their first mini-album “BE!” on November 5 with the title track “Dumb“.

Check out the music video for BVNDIT – DUMB, here:

DUMB is an upbeat song with Latin vibes that make the song really catchy. The song is composed and arranged by LDN Noise, who is one of my favourite producers/songwriters. LDN Noise is also credited to have made hit tracks such as EXO’s Monster, SHINEE’s View and NCT 127’s Fire Truck. Ellie Suh, Anne Judith Stokke Wik and Karen Poole also worked in songwriting and composition.

The straightforward lyrics call one out for being dumb, not making a move on the person you like and also encourages them to make the first move. The lyrics, matched with the girls’ charismatic vocals and the powerful choreography on the music video’s aesthetic oriental setting with bright colours is so visually pleasing.

The dominant pre-chorus beautifully dissolves into breathy vocalizing to the lines “Say it, Say It, Say It” leading into the chorus which is absolutely enthralling and satisfying. The hook of the song has the voice modulation of the “Oh ah” which makes an impact on the listener with its catchy style of presentation. It indeed makes one hum the phrase for a long time.

Sleep on Beds, Not BVNDIT!

Music, Image and Video Courtesy – MNH Entertainment, Stone Music

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  • Sakshi Hande
    3 months ago Reply

    Woahhhh definitely gonna listen to the whole album 🤩🤩✨

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