“HELP” by 10cm takes us on a journey where we realise we are not alone!

10cm is a band formed in 2010 originally consisting of two members- Kwon Jung-yeol & Yoon Cheol-jong. But due to health reasons, Yoon Cheol-jong departed from the band and Help is the first single by Jung-yeol after Cheol-Jong left. It is the fifth track in their album ‘4.0’.


The depictions and symbolism of the Music Video(MV) might leave you deeply moved and lets you see every corner of the society and their struggles. The title of the song is beautifully represented in the Music Video. Check out the video below:

There are five stories in total that are shown to the viewers.

The first one is a hikikomori guy or easily understood as socially withdrawal syndrome. It is a complete withdrawal from the society and it seems to be that the man lost passion in his art of writing and is struggling to find himself again. Losing passion in something you love is as hard as it can get.

The second story is about a divorced woman who lost custody of her daughter. We are shown that she seemed to have fun with her kid all day and when its finally time for the daughter to leave, she loses the smile and the sadness takes over her face. The pain of a broken family is depicted in that sequence.

The third story is about a girl who seems to be a misanthropic/ someone who hates or despises humankind. Its shown that her appearance and looks are not up to the societal beauty standards which explain that people’s harsh words and treatments against the way she looks affected her views on herself and the society as a whole.

The fourth story is about a guy who is shown playing the guitar and singing all alone on a bench where there are no people around watching him play. It depicts the unappreciated talent and struggles of an artist to get famous or be noticed for their talent (something that this contest is aiming at).

The fifth story and the most insightful depiction in the music video, is of a gay couple. It is shown that one doesn’t care about society while the other is conscious about people watching them and has developed an internalized homophobia that is stopping him from showing his love out loud. Living in Korea isn’t easy for a homosexual couple as it is not widely accepted by society and is still prevailing with a lot of prejudice.

Everyone struggles and yet we are not alone!

We see a small kid with a stuffed toy all through the video who boards a bus along with all the people shown in the MV. They all travel the same bus which portrays the idea that everyone goes through a struggle and we are not alone. The little boy is the depiction of innocence and kindness and we see him comforting the hikikomori guy displaying an act of kindness.

A scene of crossing the bridge is shown, which illustrates a metaphorical frame means that the bridge of suffering can be crossed by asking or receiving help. The divorced woman is seen crying, the misanthropic girl is seen smiling, the gay couple are seen patching up which explains that they are slowly accepting themselves and letting out their emotions that can help them end the pain and suffering. The music video can be considered a masterpiece for this one reason that everyone struggles and every struggle is important and needs to be addressed and that we are not alone.


The lyrics are not generalized but rather sung in an individual’s point of view which makes it more coherent. The lyrics compliment the stories shown to us perfectly and fits right for every frame depicted. It illustrates the struggle of living in pain and sorrow and asking for help.

When morning comes again
Will I be able to get up? Somebody help
All the things that I want to change
Will they just stay the same? Somebody help

The song is beautiful and while the lyrics say “Somebody help” the realisation of accepting yourself and finding a way to comfort yourself is seen and shown beautifully. Listen to the song here: 

HELP” is a song that deserves wide exposure and love from people who love aesthetics and beautiful storylines and symbolisms. It will never leave someone disappointed but rather is gonna stay with you like a warm hug through a hard day, a friend who understands you or as just a way to feel more empathetic towards each other and be kind to others as everyone has something they are going through. Please do check it out and also other works by 10cm.

ARTIST: 10cm
DATE OF RELEASE: 28th August 2017
CREDITS: Produced and Written by 10cm under Strawberry Sound

(Note : The above mentioned are exclusive of personal opinions/ thoughts/ expressions of the author per se, who is solely a contestant for the Hidden Gems. Hallyure does not own the specific meaning of words/ expressions/ thoughts as mentioned above)

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