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Dandelion by OOHYO : A Song to Defrost your Winter Heart in Summer!


OOHYO’s song Dandelion (민들레) begins with an upbeat violin riff and is then accompanied with the mellow vocals, while the drums provide a strong yet gentle backing support to the song. The first verse spins with a playful and cheery tone. The violin provides the pop nature of the song with a classical twist. The song then transcends into a synth hurricane of wistful beauty.

The chorus rings out in a dramatic flair of sounds, like a whimsical morning sun blending into the dreamy and soothing afternoon glow. The violin has always been a versatile instrument and this song is a perfect example of that adaptability. The multifaceted music perfectly compliments the lyrics which talk about the inner turmoil that comes with loving someone.

“바람결에 스쳐 갈까
내 마음에 심어질까”

(Will you fly away in the wind?
Will you be planted in my heart?)

The song is full of questions and promises, one that the listener will feel their heart answering and echoing. Dandelions, however frail, do not fail to capture us in their beauty in the shortest of moments, before they are scattered in the wind. The lyrics talk about how the singer will love the other person as they are and love them completely during whatever time they have left together.

OOHYO’s unique voice will surely fill the hearts of whoever listens. Self-written by OOHYO herself, this song is perfect for a summer afternoon, taking away the cold snowflakes left in your heart.

Here’s the link to the beautiful lyric-cum-music video: 

Music Credits – Mun Hwa In, 1THEK

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