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Recalling the lively moments of a “Spring Day”!

BTS Spring Day

The song which I appreciate the most is ‘Spring Day’ by BTS. This song was released on 12 February 2017 in the album ‘You Never Walk Alone‘.
Vocalised by BTS, the song is also co-written and co-composed by members RM and Suga.

You may the music video here!

In this song, they talk about missing their loved ones. They miss the spring season which is reminiscent of all the cheerful moments with their loved ones. They also draw a parallel on how the people change just like the season. In the music video, BTS is depicted as leaving their youth behind and moving forward into the future by boarding the train to spring.

In this song, It feels like not even a single bird comes to sit upon a tree during winter as it loses its pride, the evergreen leaves. It becomes cold and lonely. The tree recalls those lively moments, the good days of the spring. It misses the little sparrows sitting on its strong branches chirping. In the same way, we too miss those moments we spend with our beloved ones when they are apart from us.

It is painful when we are apart from our loved ones. And there comes a time when we reminisce ourselves with those golden days… the lively moments. Pain can be really beautiful sometimes!

True love is selfless, it does not require the beloved’s presence.

About BTS

BTS is a South Korean Boy Group which consists of seven members who debuted in 2013. The members are:

  1. RM (leader of the group)(rapper)
  2. Jin (vocalist)
  3. Suga (rapper)
  4. J Hope (rapper)
  5. Jimin (vocalist)
  6. V (vocalist)
  7. Jungkook (vocalist)
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Music, Video and Image Credits – Big Hit Entertainment

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