Get pumped up with VICTON’s ‘What I said’

VICTON released the single ‘What I said’ from their first full-length album ‘Voice: The Future is Now,’ on 11 January 2021. The album was first announced back in November but was delayed due to COVID-19.

You may watch the music video of ‘What I Said’ here – 

VICTON – What I said

The video was quite dreamlike and attention-grabbing right from the start where Seung-woo disappears in a blink of an eye. The boys were looking stunning in the black & gold sequined jackets and they delivered a power-packed performance. All the members were quite charismatic throughout the video, their visual game was spot on.

The hooks of the song are good and the second verse adds more flavor to it. The song touches upon both vibrant and edgy vibes. Lyrically speaking the song radiates a strong conviction towards one’s craft. 

It is somewhat hard to decipher the storyboard of the music video. The chessboard shown in the video could symbolize the restrictive nature and expectations laid out for them in the industry. As the video unfolds they seem to be paving their own path and being true to themselves. 

If you are new to VICTON and wondering whether to begin with; here is a mini song recommendation list:

Nostalgic Night – (2019, Nostalgia)

Time of Sorrow – (2018, Time of Sorrow)

We Stay (2021, Voice: The Future is now)

Mayday (2020, Mayday)

Unpredictable (2021, Voice: The Future is now)


Image : Play M Entertainment

Video : VICTON YouTube

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