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New Korean hip-hop artist in the block- T0RY

T0RY, a new indie Korean Hip-hop artist from Seattle released his very first mini-album on 14 August 2020. Written by T0RY himself and produced by BEATDEMONS, the album “T0RYtheVILLAIN” consists of 6 tracks in total including a bonus track. The album is an insight into T0RY’s “vicious” side as he describes it.

The track list is as follows-

  1. Don
  2. TNT
  3. Mamba
  4. Milli Rock
  5. Fax
  6. Somebody

“Mamba” is the title track and “Somebody” is the bonus track.

You can listen to the audio of ‘Mamba‘ here –


We at Hallyure had a chance to talk to T0RY and ask him a few questions about the album

When asked about the sound of the album, T0RY replied, “I usually make trap songs, those songs that could be played in clubs and parties, but for the next couple of albums I would like to try chill RnB songs“. T0RY further added to the above comments, “I was really excited and nervous at the same time since this is my debut album. I’ve been working on the album for about a year and I just thought I had to release it in the summer as it felt right for the time. It was like Now or Never for me. Fortunately, I was able to release the album as I hoped“.

When asked about his thoughts on the album, T0RY replied, “I just want people to enjoy the music I make. I want them not to worry about anything and just have fun when they listen to them.”

While talking about the album, how it came about, and his working style, T0RY replied with “I usually look for some nice beats and make melodies and write the lyrics afterward. Sometimes I freestyle the whole song. “

The album utilizes percussion and fretted musical instruments with the synth and bass beats amplifying the song. T0RY’s rap along with the mid-tempo beats feels like the perfect listen for a chill party session with your group.

Check out the album on Spotify and Apple Music


T0RY’s SNS info- https://www.instagram.com/torys_tory/

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