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This week’s Hallyure Exclusive is a conversation with the light and refreshing vocalist from Shofar MusicBoramiyu!

Jang Boram has been touching hearts with her comforting voice and well-trained musical skills ever since she appeared on the 5th season of the musical reality show I Can See Your Voice, in 2018.

Debuting officially as Boramiyu on 21 November 2018, she recently celebrated 2 years as a solo artist in the Korean music industry. Within such a short time frame, she has added an impressive number of songs to her discography – from albums to collaborations to OSTs for dramas. Boramiyu also successfully held a sold-out solo concert in June 2019.


Boramiyu officially debuted with the single ‘I Wanna Hate You’. Her first mini-album “Hello, When we were us” came out on 28 May 2019, in which she actively also took part in writing lyrics for the song ‘These days’. Her 2nd mini-album, ‘Dear My Colour‘ was released on 30 March 2020. Staying true to the album’s name, Boramiyu delivered various vocal colours through 5 lovely songs.

A large catalogue of cover songs on her YouTube channel is in itself enough to showcase the flexibility and versatility of Boramiyu. In the short time from 2018 to 2020, the artist has 5 Singles, 2 mini-albums, 4 OSTs, and a number of collaborations under her name. We took this opportunity to talk to Boramiyu following her latest single, ‘I Tried.

Boramiyu – I wanna hate you
Shall we start by greeting all those who are reading this?

Hello, I’m Boramiyu! It’s an honour to greet you like this. Nice to meet you.

We are curious about how you got into music. Why did you choose music and what has kept your passion going?

I’ve enjoyed singing while playing the piano since a very young age. When I went to high school, I felt that it is difficult to dream of being a singer while living in the countryside. So I came to Seoul alone and worked hard to make myself known. Then I passed an audition and became an idol trainee. It was an opportunity for me to work towards my dreams more actively.
To me who used to get tired of things very easily, singing has been the only thing that makes me happy in any situation. So, I’m enjoying music passionately even now.

Something you enjoy doing as Jang Boram?
Practicing songwriting, Exercising everyday
From your first song until now, you have touched on different moods like ballad, pop, new love, and heartbreaks. Is there any genre/concept that you wish to explore?

I want to try my hand at dance music, and ballads with a strong retro feel. As I like old songs, I want to try a concept that feels old-fashioned, like the 1990s. I’d also like to show you some remakes of songs reinterpreted in my style. 🙂

How did the name BORAMIYU come about? And how is Jang Boram different from BORAMIYU? How are both similar?

At first, I wanted to make a name that wasn’t difficult, but also did not digress from my name ‘Boram’! So, I took the rather common ‘Boram’ with the expression ‘보람이에요‘ (‘Boram iyeyo’, meaning ‘This is Boram‘), and that’s how the cute-sounding ‘Boramiyu’ was born.
I think these days there are many people who think it is a dialect haha. But though it has no big meaning, it’s not a dialect ^_^

You’ve done many kinds of projects like song covers, solo albums, OSTs, and collaborations. How different have all these experiences been for you?

I think I tried to do my best in the part I am most confident in.
My mindset has changed and I feel like I’m growing up little by little through new projects and experiences. I think these are the reasons that helped me realize that I’m not as afraid to experience new things as I thought. I’d like to continue to work on a variety of things.

In your album “Hello, When We Were Us”, you participated in writing one of the songs called ‘These Days’. Can we expect to see more of writer Boramiyu? Is there something else you would like to try your hand at?

From now on, I want to sing many songs that I have participated in writing and composing. I’m currently learning to write songs well, and want to make a comeback with a really good song.

Current favourite song/artist
Old Love by Lee Moon Sae
Current favourite Boramiyu song
Hello, When we were us (안녕, 뜨거웠던 우리)
All artists have their own methods of making songs. What does this method look like for Boramiyu? How do you and your team usually start and progress through the concepts, composition and lyrics?

For me, I think it’s more difficult to write lyrics than to compose a song. I had so much to say and it was harder than I thought to organize all of it and choose the right words. So I (usually) write down everything I want to say first and then organize and revise it. I also usually write down the phrases and words that come to mind on my notepad!
And when I start working on an album, I discuss a lot with our producer ‘20 Years of Age’ on what kind of feeling we want to express, what we want to say and what kind of concept we should go with. If we get hold of the feeling at first, then the work flows smoothly thereafter.

We read a few fan reports of your first mini-concert in June last year. They all wish the concert was a little longer. As a solo artist, how was your experience holding a concert?

It was my first time meeting fans after my official debut, and also my first concert under the name Boramiyu. So, I was very nervous. I was so thankful and sad about that day for a long time after coming down from the stage. And I thought of many things about myself as an artist. So I hope we get to meet each other a lot after the Corona situation ends.

We were particularly attracted to the music video of your latest Single ‘I Tried’. Please tell us more about the song and the music video.
Boramiyu – ‘I tried’ (Official Music Video)

I Tried’ is a song that shows the desperation to return to the other person’s heart, even when you know that it’s already over. If you see the music video, I have put up some things on the wall that are reminiscent of the time when we loved each other, but towards the end of the video, all of (the polaroid photos) turn to the plain white paper. It is a scene that shows that ‘All the efforts of trying to change the mind of someone who is already done, is fruitless and in vain’.

Your latest OST for ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ came out recently. We are curious about what else Boramiyu has been doing during the lockdown. Any new hobbies?

As I can’t meet and directly communicate with my fans because of social distancing, I’ve been steadily posting many cover videos.
These days, I sing a lot as I’ve created an environment at home that allows me to practice a lot. And I’m kind of into a game called ‘LOL’ haha.

Any advice you have received or motto that you wish to share for those going through a hard time.
As times are hard for everyone, please cheer up a little bit more and follow the safety regulations well. And I hope the days come soon when we have overcome these hard times. If you laugh, blessings will come your way.
Congratulations on completing 2 years since your debut! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. To close it off, would you like to say something to your fans and people who are new to Boramiyu?

Time flies so fast that I’m already celebrating my 2nd debut anniversary. 2020 was a year that I couldn’t show you more of myself, which is disappointing.
There are still a lot of things that I want to do. So I hope you show a lot of love and interest in knowing how Boramiyu grows and what kind of music I bring out from here.
I will continue to try to release good songs for you guys.
This has been ‘Boramiyu’. Thank you ❤


Hallyure thanks Boramiyu and Shofar Music for making time and efforts on this interview.
We look forward to amazing covers and even more amazing Boramiyu original songs in the future!

You can listen to Boramiyu’s refreshing and touching voice through her songs on Spotify and Apple Music. Check out a lot of her cover songs on Boramiyu’s Official YouTube Channel. And don’t forget to follow Boramiyu on her Instagram for the latest updates from the artist.

Media (Pictures, Videos and Music) courtesy of Shofar Music

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