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The band that sings to your soul, Lubless, is the cup of hot cocoa you need to soothe your soul and mind. Having debuted very recently, the trio has made strides with their music, making music from the heart to tell their story to the adults of the world in need of a comforting shoulder.

They began their journey earlier this year, on the 2nd of January, with a single titled ‘Bluebird’. According to Lubless, ‘it is about adults who walk forward while looking back”, longing for the glory they’ve lost’; A song for people looking to reminisce about past memories while acknowledging the need to continue on the path they’ve chosen.

Continuing the streak, the trio dropped a new track ‘Mermaid’ under the single album ‘A fairytale: chapter 0’. We at Hallyure had the privilege of speaking to them about their new music and giving viewers an inside look into what Lubless stands for and how they work. 

Lubless’ latest release, Mermaid, can be viewed here.

To start off, please introduce yourselves to those who may be new fans or may not be familiar with your work.

Lubless” sings fairy tales of adults with broken hearts. Our music itself is a Lefortage of broken emotions such as emptiness, suffering, and self-destruction. Cover that with a comfortable melody, easy-readable lyrics, and fairytale-like sound and expression, and you get Lubless

On the vocals, we have Lena. The guitar is handled by Bongwoo, and the bass by Jay

Your latest release, ‘Mermaid’, speaks about a painful kind of love, and was quite touching. What was the inspiration for writing this piece? Were there any challenges that arose during the creation process of this song?

Lena: When I was young, I was not able to understand the sacrifice of a mermaid, which was described as decency. If I were the main character, I would have chosen to benefit my own life over love. Unlike the original story, my air fairies (a reference to the original tale of the ‘Mermaid‘) support my choice. I used to live not to disappoint the people around me, but this song contains the will to “follow my own heart”.

Like with most of the songs, I had an affection for this one, so I made an enormous effort to deliver the message that I wanted to convey as effectively as possible to every listener. I hope my message is clear.

Lena, the vocalist

Taking the current state of the world into consideration, do you all find it difficult to stay creative and motivated? How has your work or your band schedule been affected? 

There were many times when concerts were canceled due to new Covid-19 regulations; Therefore, we increased our activity on online platforms, like YouTube. With all bands and their fans following the quarantine regulations, no new infected people have been officially reported at clubs. 

Even though we used to spend most of my time stuck in the studio, the suppression of activity due to the situation brought me to a new brand-new level of stress. As we used to be busy, we used this opportunity to have a break and look after myself. As a result, it has allowed me to sing more meaningfully.

How did the members of Lubless meet and eventually come to form ‘Lubless’? How was the name chosen?

We met when we were students – each of us had the same taste in music, so we continued to do it as a hobby and eventually became Lubless.

Lena made the song in her diary; Lubless is a combination of the words ‘lust bless you’ and in Korean, it is pronounced the same as ‘loveless’.

All the members agreed and decided unanimously to use the name officially.

Jay, the bassist

Do you have any type of ritual or good-luck cheer you do before a performance? 

While we were recording the guide for our song ‘Rain’, Lena would shout  Gi-Ta-Sol-Ro (Guitar Solo) right before the guitar solo starts, so it became a thing among the members. In order to take our feelings of joy and positivity to the stage with us, we play a game of timing with “Gi-Ta-Sol-Ro“.

Who would you consider your musical inspirations?

(I) think all the music genres that we used to listen to during our childhood shaped the way our current music is; It can be the sound of a bell at a school, or the rock music that came out of our parents’ car in the 80s.

Are there any artists you would want to collaborate with?

Bongwoo & Jay: “The asteroids galaxy tour” (a Danish pop band) have a unique style of music. We look forward to collaborating with them in the future one day, and seeing the result of our melody combined with their style of work.

Lena: I’m a huge fan of BlackPink. It would be great if we could sing together someday.

Bongwoo, the guitarist

Do you have any hobbies outside of music that you like to do? Do you find it difficult to devote time between music and the mentioned hobbies?

Lena : Have you ever heard about a ‘rogue planet’? It’s a free-floating planet; looking at it, I think about the similarities that both of us have. I enjoy reading science or history books to find objects of my interest that are akin to the ‘rogue planet’. 

Bongwoo: It may sound a little weird, but have you ever imagined fighting Darth Vader with a light sword in the Teletubbies’ Garden? It’s a hobby that I got naturally because I’m tired of everyday life. Especially when you’re exhausted, you can imagine such scenes anytime and anywhere.

Jay: The joy of screaming at dawn while riding a bicycle along the river is incomparable. In my ears, I hear music that resonates with my emotions, and in front of my eyes I see the beautiful night scenery, while I speed through the lane without caring about anyone else – this entire experience fills me with a tremendous amount of adrenaline. Whenever I have to go to the area that is close to the river, I purposely miss the last train and ride my bike back.

Thank you for cooperating with us! Is there anything you’d like to convey to your fans?

We hope our music helps when you face hard moments in your life.

All the attention and love from you is pleasure and motivation for us. Don’t let anything break you or your heart. As the situation improves worldwide, we hope to meet you.

If you’d like to support Lubless and view more of their music,
you can do so through their official channels, listed here:


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