“KIARA or Jin Ju, I am just me” Hallyure speaks to the BOSS!

On this week’s edition of exclusives, Hallyure brings our dear readers a shining new artist KIARA! Keep an eye out for little snippets of KIARA Trivia throughout the interview! 😉

Having debuted on 18 January 2020 under EZ Entertainment, Baek Jin-Ju aka KIARA is only 2 songs old in the industry. Her debut Single ‘BOSS’, with charismatic vocals, flashy visuals, and a catchy choreography, is followed by a second Single ‘TOMBOY’ on 11 October, just 10 months after debut.

KIARA Debut Single ‘BOSS’ Music Video

KIARA has won over many hearts through not just the two songs but also various other content. Her YouTube channel will display a catalogue of dance covers of popular music from Taemin and BTS to Dua Lipa and Beyonce. The regularly uploaded VLogs give fans a glimpse of their favourite artist’s days and activities, and we get to see the fun and casual sides of KIARA. We must say, the fandom ‘KYA’ is actively involved with the artist through multiple social media platforms.

Hallyure talked to KIARA about many things that would introduce this new artist to our readers, and also allow all the KYAs’ to get to know their favourite star even better!

Trivia: Living Life One Day At A Time
Currently, I’m living along the motto ‘Let’s do our best day by day’, because I believe that if we do our best everyday and be patient, good things will naturally come our way. I’m practicing very hard to show good performance to the people everyday, so please look forward to it.

Shall we start by greeting all the Kya’s and readers who are seeing this?

Everyone who is seeing this!
I am KIARA, who debuted in January with the single BOSS’ and made a comeback on October 11 with ‘TOMBOY’. It is an honor to have the opportunity to greet you like this. I hope this interview will be a chance to get even closer to all of you KYA’s.

Your stage name ‘Kiara’ is very different from your birth name. Could you tell us how you chose it? What is the story behind ‘KIARA’?

“Even though it feels very different, KIARA, meaning noble and shining, is very similar in meaning to my Korean Name Jin Ju (Pearl). In order to become a noble, shining, with pearl-like existence in the entertainment world, a pretty stage name KIARA’ was chosen.”

Trivia: On Learning Languages
I can speak very little English, but I am not good enough. To communicate more smoothly with my overseas fans, I am studying and will continue to study English. There are people from Latin America who like me a lot, so I want to study Spanish later on.

We wonder how you started with music. Was it a childhood dream, or something you discovered later? How has your journey been so far?

I’ve dreamt of becoming a singer since I was very young. However, as this dream of becoming a singer went further away, I thought I want to learn to dance more professionally. So I entered University as a Dance major. Luckily, through the debut proposals of my college professors, I got the chance to debut as KIARA.
Though I had many worries about the selection, I am very grateful that the professors saw potential in me. I am working hard to prepare and carry out all activities to realize this dream that I’ve carried with me for a long time.

Your second single ‘TOMBOY’ came out on 11th October. Please tell us a little more about this song.

Kiara 2nd Single ‘TOMBOY’ Music Video

‘TOMBOY‘ is an exciting dance song based on the Dubstep genre. It is a song that makes you feel my charm more than you did during ‘BOSS’.
To describe it in terms of colour, ‘BOSS’ has a black-and-white feeling and an achromatic, understated atmosphere, while with ‘TOMBOY’, you can see a colorful atmosphere that expresses a free and confident feeling.

Trivia: Favourite Artist?
Ariana Grande is my favourite artist. I think she has everything I want to be as an artist. She delights the eyes and ears of the audience, and delivers honest and imposing messages to make them feel positive energy. Especially while preparing for TOMBOY, I liked more and learned more.
Also, there’s a video of me singing 7rings in the car, on my YouTube channel. I hope you check it out.

Comparing the live performances of ‘BOSS’ with ‘TOMBOY’, it seems you have become more comfortable on the stage now. What changed? How do you deal with nervousness before going on stages?

After the ‘BOSS’ activity, my thoughts and mindset changed a lot during the nine months of preparing for TOMBOY. Because of the present Coronavirus situation, the preparation time was unintentionally extended, and initially, I was very anxious and nervous (because of it).

But at some point, as I learned to naturally control my mind, this anxiety came to me with good greed and became a driving force to focus on practice.

As a result, I felt the importance of the stage more, and I strongly felt like I wanted to show fans my grown/improved self on stage as soon as possible. So it seemed like I was more comfortable and enjoying myself on the stage (this time).

You seem to share an affectionate bond with your dance team, as seen in the VLogs. Have you known each other for long?

KIARA and the dance team for TOMBOY Showcase

I got close to the dancers very quickly. The dancers who join me are my company’s dance team as well as my Alma Mater’s real juniors. There are friends who have been with us since my debut stage, and there are new friends who joined us with ‘TOMBOY’ activities.

The dancers approached me first with their lively personalities, and we became close quickly because we were often together. While doing solo activities, sometimes it can be lonely. But I feel very reassured and grateful to be with my dancer friends.

How do you think KIARA is different from Baek Jin Ju? And how are both similar?

Well… I think there isn’t really a big difference. Even though I am active as KIARA, I think I am showing myself as I am. “KIARA = Baek Jin Ju”. Similarities and differences aside, I think it’s just me.

What other side of KIARA do you want to show to your fans?

What I’m interested in showing you these days is exercising. I’ve been working out a lot for my physical strength and diet. Although I don’t know much about it professionally, I wish to share my exercise routine with KYA later on.
And I am interested in writing lyrics. I can’t play it for you yet, but I’ve also been reading books and studying expressions. I hope to write my own stories through lyrics and tell them to the fans.

Trivia: On Hobbies and Favourite Passtimes
I found many small and fun things to do at home because of Corona. Among them, my favourite and also famous now in Korea is making beads. There’s a bead-making video on my YouTube channel. That was my first time doing it, so I was clumsy. Now I have become better at it.

Both ‘BOSS’ and ‘TOMBOY’ are very energetic and uplifting dance songs that make the listener want to groove along. Is there a particular genre of music or concept you want to explore?

Right now, I am showing my charm with exciting music and colourful performances that make people’s eyes and ears happy. Later, I want to sing my own stories and also stories that evoke sympathy through calm and slow-paced ballads.

What value do music and dance hold for you? What effect do you want to have on the listener with it?

Music and dance provide me with a good desire and driving force to constantly want to strive and grow. As a constantly growing KIARA, I want to deliver positive messages through my music and give good influence to people.”

Trivia: Books and Movies
I usually enjoy reading mystery novels. To tell you about the most interesting book I have read, it is called ‘Killing Alice’ by Yasumi Kobayashi. I felt the atmosphere was different from the usually mystery thrillers, and it was very thrilling and interesting.
When it comes to movies, I like Action and Thriller movies. I especially liked the Avengers series so much that I watched and re-watched it all again. Captain America is my favourite hero. He is very cool and charismatic!

Would you like to say something to your audience as today’s closing message?

I was very happy to do the interview with Hallyure. As I have a lot of charms that I haven’t been able to show you yet, I hope you continue to watch and love me. Please look forward to our promotion of ‘TOMBOY’.
I will continue to communicate with my fans through SNS like now. I look forward to the day when things get better and we can meet offline!
Much love to all the Hallyure readers and KYAs for seeing this interview. Thank you!

Trivia: What KIARA likes the most!
I like spending time with my family and precious people the most. I feel very comfortable, pleasant and happy at that time. Even when I’m busy, I try to make some time to be with them.

KIARA celebrated 300 days of her debut recently, on the 23 November.

Do check out the sweet little surprise she got from the staff!

KIARA 300 Days Celebration Video

Hallyure thanks KIARA and EZ Entertainment for this interview. We hope to see KIARA again on Hallyure in the future.

KIARA’s music is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music among others.

Meanwhile, you can keep updated and interact with KIARA through the following platforms:
KIARA Official YouTube Channel
KIARA Official Instagram
KIARA Official Facebook Page

우리는 KIARA를 응원합니다. We are cheering for KIARA!

IMAGE/ VIDEO COURTESY – EZ Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment

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