JOOSIQ talks of his journey so far [Interview]


Having made his debut in July 2020, Singer-songwriter Joosiq came out with his second single ‘Good Night (5 More Minutes)’ in the month of December. The artist, who is signed to Recipe Music, is also known for his wonderful covers that he releases on YouTube.


Hallyure had the opportunity to have a conversation with the very talented artist to question him on a variety of topics. Let’s check out what the artist had to say about those in this Exclusive.

Welcome to the Interview. Would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, everyone! My name is Joosiq and I’m a K-Pop sing-a-song-writer. It’s an honor to do an interview with you.

You debuted in July 2020. Although it’s not been long since then, have you noticed any change after your debut?

Since Covid-19, there hasn’t been much opportunity to be shown in front of the audience, so I didn’t feel much difference after my debut. But through many likes and views of my songs, I did notice lots of attention and love. (also through lots of DM’s..lol)

Here’s the debut song of the artist –Please turn off the lights‘ :

Joosiq, OVAN – Please turn off the lights
What were your thoughts around the time you debuted? Were you nervous or excited?

To be honest, I was both nervous and excited 🙂 I was happy to put out my very first solo album, but at the same time was afraid of what people would think.

Your debut song was a collaboration with OVAN. How did the collaboration happen? 

Actually, it was a big surprise for me too. One day, I wrote the song ‘Please Turn Off the Lights‘, which my boss really liked, and then he offered to collaborate with OVAN. It was very unexpected and an honor to work with OVAN.

You recently had your first comeback with “Good Night”. What’s the song about?

Good Night” is a love song from a guy’s perspective. It’s mainly about a guy talking about how sweet his girlfriend is when she wants to sleep “5 minutes more” in the morning.

Watch the music video for the song here :

Joosiq – Good Night
Was there any difference that you may have felt between the time of debut and this comeback?

Compared to my first debut album, this album was a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Especially when we took the music video I felt more confident in acting.

We noticed that you actively take part in the lyrics and composition of songs. What are the usual steps that you and others go through in order to create a song?

Usually, I start by making a song with simple chords, then we go through a lot of feedback with our team.

Who do you consider as your idol or role-model and why?

I have so many that I can’t choose one, but recently Jimin from BTS has been my top role-model. His charisma and performance skills are really eye-catching and cool.

Watch the artist’s cover of ‘Dynamite’ by BTS :

BTS ‘Dynamite’ – Joosiq (cover)
Is there any artist or any song that you regularly listen to these days?

Recently, I’m really into John K’s ‘<Love + Everything Else>’ album. His songs are really creative and unique that I’d like to listen to.

I really like going outside, walking without any plans. Staying home makes me feel down so I like to go out for a short trip.

Other than your original releases, you have also been regularly releasing covers for over 2 years, through your own YouTube channel. What was the motivation behind this channel?

Doing covers and uploading on Youtube Channel was like a license for me. A license that I could show others who I was and how I could sing. Surprisingly, this channel brought me up to my recent entertainment, Recipe Music.

Check out his YouTube Channel 주식 Joosiq – YouTube

joosiq ig 1
The year 2020 hasn’t been very kind. What were the problems you faced during the pandemic in your daily as well as professional life?

2020 has been a hard year for everyone and for me, I had no chance to perform since my debut. I’m also a very active, outgoing person, so it was hard for me to stay inside most of the time.

Going forward, what are your plans for the year 2021?

In 2021, I wish for a better condition than we are now, I want to make dance music that listeners could enjoy and dance in.

Would you like to leave any message for your fans and our readers?

I send gratitude to all listeners, fans and readers for their love and attention. I’ll be working hard to represent good music and a good artist.

joosiq ig

You can follow the artist on his Instagram (주시끄 @joo_siq). Be sure to check out his music on Spotify – Joosiq


Videos: 1theK (원더케이) , 워너뮤직코리아 (Warner Music Korea) , 주식 Joosiq

Images: BUGS MUSIC[주식 (Joosiq) – 벅스 (bugs.co.kr)] , Instagram (주시끄 @joo_siq)

Courtesy of Recipe Music, Joosiq

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