[INTERVIEW] yey gets candid about her musical endeavours

Up and coming artist yey is back again with a new single this year, and we at Hallyure had the pleasure to interview her again. To know more about yey and her music making process, check out our previous interview with her here.

Yey is an independent artist who debuted in February of 2020 with her single, Troubleland.” Since then she has released two more singles, the latest being, “Dawn.” 

In this interview we get to know about the meaning of her latest single, her experience in participating in the direction of a music video and more.

EP cover for “Dawn”

It is a pleasure to interview you again! How have things been?

Hello, I’m yey. I’m a singer and songwriter based in South Korea. I am doing well and hope everything goes back to normal as soon as possible from this pandemic.

You have recently released your third single, “Dawn”, could you talk more about the meaning behind the song?

It’s a song that expresses the fantasy of reunion with a loved one, in an infinite place full of human desire.

Dawn by yey

The accompanied music video has a very dreamy feel to it, as you create the set designs for your videos, what was your vision for this one?

The storyline is about getting reunited and dancing with a loved one, but it is based on ‘fantasy’.

That was the reason why there is only one dancer in the music video. I tried to give a similar dreamy feeling on visual as sound.

The music video for the song has been directed by you as well, how was your experience in doing so?

I know best how to express the story because it came all out of my thinking. So I thought it would be effective to directly participate on the music video by myself. It is actually really fun to learn each step of the process and there is information on Youtube! Especially since film is a synthetic art, there are endless things to learn. Luckily, I was able to get help from experts on each field.

While listening to “Dawn” there seem to be some similarities with your previous single, “Roots”, is there any connection between the two songs?

There are connections between ‘Roots’ and ‘Dawn’ in terms of expression of longing and fantasy. ‘Roots’ is a place filled with the fantasy of the speaker, full of reconstituted memories by obsession and  ‘Dawn’ also is a story about fantasy. I tried to speak in calm tones rather than emotionally. Because I like dreamy feelings, it gives similar vibes in both two songs, visually and acoustically.

Roots by yey

How has the fan reception been for this single?

I was so grateful. I get the energy when they give feedback and also give me motivation to keep working on my music.

As you wrote, composed, arranged as well as directed the music video for “Dawn”, how did it feel being so involved in the song?

It was definitely not easy to work on all the processes by myself, so it was more meaningful and I feel proud. I won’t be afraid of doing anything by myself afterwards.

With the songs that you have come out with, how do you think you have grown as an artist?

I am not always 100% satisfied with my final work and therefore I can do a lot of improvement. I am just happy that I can share my music with people and get feedback from them. Sometimes, I get inspiration from unexpected feedback!

With everything happening in the world, has it changed your views on things, and has that affected the way you write your songs?

Yes, people are communicating using social media without actually meeting in person. If it continues, I think we are going to be in a place such as science fiction films where we can choose the outlook of ourselves. It could be another me that I control, or upload to the computer. That is the reason why I use the word “perfect mask” in the lyrics. I think maybe we already live in that era. We make friends and lead a social life on SNS. Starting from here, I imagine that we could get infinite life in the future, if this era comes like SF films. I also used “breaking the ice” in the lyrics which signify the resurrection of a frozen man and it was also interesting that the word also meant the breaking of an awkward moment in English.

Is there any advice you would like to give to future aspirants who want to get into the music industry?

I would just say to build your own color in the music and get in touch with listeners along to the story. My goal is to deliver my story without going after a trend and to make a song that does not get old.

Any new releases we should look out for?

I’m planning to release a single at the end of this year.

Last but not least, would you like to say something to your fans reading?

Thank you for reading my interview. Hope y’all have a great day and be safe! 

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