From stumbling to his music on playlists uploaded on various music streaming platforms to actually having the chance to interview him, Hallyure had the pleasure to talk to South Korean singer-songwriter and a producer based on R&B/Soul music artist LambC, who had debuted in 2015. He is accredited for having graduated from Berkeley Music University majoring in Music Production & Engineering, while also making his name known to the music industry by several compositions, along with writing lyrics and singing his own music as well as producing music for other artists.

Hallyure went on to ask LambC about his latest EP ‘Songs from a bed’ to his favourite artist and more.

EP COVER FOR ‘SONGS from a bed’

For people who might not know you, kindly please introduce yourself

Hello Hallyure viewers! My name is LambC. I’m a singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer based in Korea. So glad to meet you all!


What is the story behind your stage name LambC?

It’s honestly just a Korean word you put behind someone’s name like the ‘san’ in Japanese. As kids, we used to call each others name with the ‘ssi’ behind our last name so mine was lamb ‘ssi’ but pronounced as LambC (haha).

How did you get into making music as your career? And how has the journey been so far?

I started off playing the drums at church from a young age and ever since then I’ve always wanted to pursue music as a drummer. But after I got into Berklee I switched my Major into Music Production and Sound Engineering. I would say this step was the most crucial step in taking and making my compositions in a professional way. And ever since then I’ve been doing what I love the most, making music.

Would you like to take us through your latest EP – ‘Songs from a bed’? Is there a specific meaning behind the title of the album and the songs in it otherwise?

I would say ‘Songs from a bed’ is a very personal and intimate EP for me because I’ve wanted to put more effort into making the lyrics more personal and sincere about my life journeys and to not be generic. That’s why I wanted the title of the EP to be more personal as well, putting the viewers in my/their most comfortable place.  A place where they can think and express their true emotions.

LambC – Songs from a bed

Which would be your favourite song from the EP, if any?

It’s always a hard one (haha) I would say as of right now… ‘Dear,’ is my favorite because I really like the lyrics.

You have released a special music video from your EP titled – ‘I was wrong’. Could you tell us a little more about it? What the song meant to you, what was it about?

The song is about a guy daydreaming about his past lover and regretting their actions leading to the thought of “What if’s”. “What if I did/say this instead? Would we have still been together?” and so on. I wrote this from pretty much all my past breakups into one song. Not every relationship was the same, but some made me think back in regret as well.

What inspired you to write such a beautiful poetic piece?

I think the whole EP was very lyrically motivated/focused. Hopefully, that’s the reason why it came out more poetic than my previous albums (haha).

Do you tend to get nervous before any releases? How do you deal with it?

Not anymore really. Nowadays it’s more like, once I’m done mastering the songs I move on to write the next albums/songs. So by the time of the release I’ve probably written 3 or more songs while promoting my release. No more butterflies or excitement sadly.

What is your usual process while producing a song?

I think in terms of producing, I always try to give the song its best suitable outfit. Sometimes a song doesn’t need more than a single guitar and just a voice to shine. Sometimes you need a full band, Sometimes some experiments here and there. But all strive for the same purpose of Serving the song well so that the song can bring its fullest potential. 

Any specific future aspirations or goal after this?

I intend to be making music as long as I can really. I don’t have big goals or anything super fancy, to be honest. I would rather focus on doing what I love and sharing my passion with the listeners.

If given a chance what other genre or type of music would you like to try?

Rock (haha), I know…But it’s something I would like to try.

How would you describe your music than the other artists in the industry? What is the uniqueness of it?

I think the main thing people tell me when they listen to any of my music is that I have a certain color and tone to my music that’s recognizable and I think that makes me happy because it’s also called Identity. I would say that’s achieved because I’m the one making production/composition decisions as well as mixing/mastering decisions. So I can have full control of the sonic tones and qualities that I find good in my music and keep it.

So far are there any songs of yours that may have created an unforgettable memory, whilst making so? And is there any special episode to it that you would like to share with your readers?

I think everyone would agree that my most special song is ‘Love like that’ which made the stamp of my music known to the public at an alarmingly fast rate (Something I did not intend but thank you!). This song opened doors for me in so many ways that I can’t thank enough of everyone who listened to it and shared it. It’s funny as well because that whole video cost me basically nothing because my friends helped me out a lot. So shoutout to everyone involved once again and Thank you so much 🙂

You can watch the video of ‘Love Like that‘ here –

LambC – Love Like That

What do you usually do in your free time, especially with the pandemic, how has life changed?

This might sound weird but nothing has really changed dramatically for me because I’ve always been working at my home studio anyways. Sure I’ve been staying home a little more extra than before but I’m honestly doing okay. Been writing a lot of songs lately and I can’t wait to get those started!

Who is your favourite music artist at the moment and what are your go-to songs in your daily playlist, if any?

I say this all the time but I appoint Mr. Bruno Major as my most played artist to date. I think he’s just a phenomenal songwriter, Period. 

Any message for your fans? Especially for people who are going through rough times this year?

Hello everyone! I really do hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Please stay home, let’s be positive and we’ll go through this together. I’ll be praying! Thank you and God Bless!

Watch LambC music video for ‘I was wrong’ here –

LambC – I was wrong

You can listen to his latest EP ‘Songs from a bed’ here in Spotify.

LambC – Songs from a bed

You can find the artist on Instagram, Twitter


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