[INTERVIEW] from over a decade to now with Dear Cloud

Blessing fans for over 15 years, Dear Cloud started as a band playing in clubs in 2005. Gathered based on similar interests, the band started as a 5-member group in 2007 with their first album release marked by the track ‘Ice Fortress’.

Fast forward to now, Dear Cloud currently consists of 3 members and have been actively releasing many tracks varying from albums to OSTs for K-dramas.

Join us at Hallyure to get to know the band and their music better.

Hello! Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Happy to meet you. We are a band who sings about different/ various emotions of life called ‘Dear Cloud’. Nine (Vocal & Guitar), Irang /Elang (Bass), Toegun (Drum) are the three members of this hybrid band.

What is the meaning behind the band name “Dear Cloud”?

The way clouds comfort us when in concern, worry and sadness, with the similar sense as a band we named ourselves ‘Dear Cloud’.

Toegun, Nine9 and Elang (from left to right)

Your debut was in 2007, how did it feel back then? Do you have any special memories from your debut times?

From our debut in 2005 to the release of our first album after 2 years we performed live at clubs. The songs we performed at the club and new songs that we wrote were added into the first album and that took a long time.

The memory of how every morning we used to record, listen to the band members and their results and then freely running home are still clear. Our songs from that time are the sounds that represent us the best. These were the hardest and the happiest times while making music.

How does it feel now working in the music industry after working for over 15 years?

In the fast-changing music market, we have personally experienced a period of transition from the era of physical albums to the era of music streaming.

It is important to adapt to the changing systems and trends, but we believe we must keep up and stick to our type of music and to keep making music consistently.

For each of you, what is your most favourite album/song that you have released and why?

Nine – Debut song ‘Ice Fortress’ is very precious. When the lyrics and sound match, the song becomes very strong and powerful. For us, that first step was ‘Ice Fortress’. As an album, I like the recently released 4th album “My Dear Lover”. It is an album that is diverse and contains our own unique sound.

Dear Cloud – Ice Fortress

Togeun – I like the song ‘Fly Fly Fly’ from our 1st Regular album. Personally, I think during live performances, this song shows the coolest appearance of ‘Dear Cloud’.

Elang – In the albums, I really like the “Take the air” album released in the year 2010. More than anything else, I believe that it has captured the song and feel that clearly represents Dear Cloud.

Since my favorite track keeps changing everyday so it seems like a very difficult question, but today my favorite track is the recently released ‘To you who is as strong as a day’ or ‘Haru mankeum Kanghejin neoyege’ acoustic ver.

Which is your favourite OST track so far that you have made?

OST from ‘I Remember you’ – ‘Remember’ is one of our favorites. The lyrics has very nicely caught the essence of the narrative of the Drama. And most of all, the melody is beautiful just like the name suggests.

How does the writing process for your songs go about?

Depending on the songs, the process differs, but each member writes songs and lyrics and arranges them together. Sometimes Nine writes a song on the guide track or even if there is only a melody, he writes the lyrics and works very flexibly.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration does not come at any special designated time, but it comes at some moment in life. Therefore, it can be said that the key lies in what type of thoughts you carry and what type of life you are leading. To write a beautiful song, you need to understand this, accept it and keep the similar mindset till you finish the process of creating.

Your songs are focused on soft rock. Do you have any new sounds you are interested in exploring?

Sometimes we discuss about the chill pop genre among the members. But no one knows how to go about it.

Which songs of yours would you recommend first time listeners to check out?

We would like to recommend ‘Late self-talk’ or ‘Neujeun honjamal’. I think it suits the weather these days.

Do you have any album/song releases in the near future that the readers can look out for?

A single album will be released this year and we have already begun working on it.

Do you prefer making acoustic/mellow songs or more upbeat songs?

Ah… It’s very difficult to choose because we really like both. When it comes to arranging and production, energetic or upbeat songs are more fun but while singing, acoustic and mellow songs are more captivating.

Which artists are you currently listening to?

Nine – The Weeknd is the artist I hear the most.

Togeun – I like Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ albums’ ‘All I need’ song. I really like the instrument sound texture and everything.

Elang – I am very omnivorous of music, so I listen to music of various artists every day. Some of the artists that I have heard recently are Lizzo, Bill Evans, Maya Hawke, Dodie Clark etc

Do you have any message for the fans who have stuck by you through your musical journey?

We, meeting each other is like a miracle in itself.

We are grateful and amazed for finding us among the many songs that you come across and we are very thankful for it.

In the time where clouds are flowing and moving, we will keep making the songs that will cherish the changing emotions.

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IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- Dear Cloud

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