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If you want trendy sound, an appealing voice, and a dreamlike aura, look no further, for this artist has it all. We, at Hallyure, had the opportunity to get to know WH3N, a rising name in the Indie world. 

WH3N debuted in 2017 with the digital single “Find Them All #1: WH3N”. He has since released multiple singles, including the hit 2019 release ‘New York’, featuring BOL4. His first studio album ‘bornxoxo’ was released November 23, 2020, and is all about love. 

Join us in getting to know WH3N and his music more!


For the people who may not be familiar with you, could you give us a brief introduction?

Hello, everyone. I am a singer and songwriter in Korea under the name of WH3N, I am an artist under Shofar Music Company, and my favorite food is sushi.

What made you pick ‘WH3N‘ as your stage name?

I wish I had a special reason, but it just seemed cool, so I named it that way.  When ‘WH3N‘ was first made, there were 3 members. So, the number 3 was included.

All of your three releases in 2020 have vividly unique themes. What can we expect from ‘Only One’? 

It’s a song full of happiness, hope, and life. I was inspired to write this song after seeing my sleeping lover. I tried to encapture the feelings I felt at that moment in this song.

WH3N(웬) _ Only One

Would you like to walk us through your album ‘bornxoxo’?

This album is all about love. I was born to love, so I named this album ‘bornxoxo.’ I wanted to let people know that love is the only way to ‘live’. 

Which song did you love working on the most?

I definitely like ‘Secret‘ best. I often listen to, and sing this song because of the melody and lyrics. I was able to fully capture the vision I had and it expressed the emotions that I felt at the time, so it’s fun to listen to it.

Can you walk us through ‘Shofar music compilation volume 3’? How was working with so many artists together different from your usual songwriting process?

I collaborated with my labelmates for this album. The process wasn’t much different from how I usually work. It was very interesting to see how the voices of various artists were mixed into one music. I loved working on my part, and how it turned out. 

Shofar Music Compilation Vol.3 ‘어색한 사이

Do you think your music has evolved since your debut?

I wanted to convey my true feelings to people through music, and I feel that I’m becoming more and more proficient in doing so. So far, I mainly work on melodies, codes, and lyrics. I have started studying other arrangements too, to make better music. 

Have you ever faced a creative block? If yes, how do you overcome it? 

When I try to make a song to sound better, I find myself getting lost. So I try to be honest with my innermost feelings. When I have a hard time creating, I think about what I really want the song to convey. Everything else comes naturally afterwards. 

Out of your discography, which song do you think sums you up as an artist? 

I think it’s ‘New York (Feat. BOL4) (D-day Ver.) ‘. I wanted to make it feel lovely and remind everyone of the sound of ‘A Rocket to the Moon,‘ and I think I succeeded in doing so. 

 WH3N(웬) _ New York (Feat. BOL4(볼빨간사춘기)) (D-day Ver.)

I see you’ve been quite productive during the lockdown. On the most hectic of days, how do you take out time for yourself? 

I am usually on my smartphone, I can access anything from anywhere. I also watch dramas or read books. Recently, I have been reading Lord of the Rings, and I want to take out more time to read it.

Is there any particular style of music that you might want to try in the future?

I grew up under the influence of emo punk when I was young. I, too, want to tell my story through the sound that my favorite bands made.

Which artist(s) have you been getting inspired by recently?

My recent musical inspirations are Bazzi, Justin Bieber, and my past relationships. 

Are there any lyrics from your songs that make you feel satisfied every time you sing them?

My song “Secret,” from the album ‘bornxoxo’. “Look at the window, when the sun goes down again, I’ll shine on you. Don’t worry about anything.”

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

I’m not good at anything but music, so I think I would have been playing games at home all day long while working part-time. I always thank Shofar Music for turning my story into music.

What is your favourite way of connecting and communicating with your fans?

It’s definitely a concert. I want to meet my fans at a concert. I haven’t had many concerts since my debut because of the pandemic. I want to sing to my fans, I want them to hear my songs live. I hope I will be able to do that soon. 

Last but not least, is there anything else you would like to say?

This album, ‘bornxoxo‘, is inspired by my own story. Please enjoy my stories a lot. If you go through love and separation over and over again, you end up with a closed heart. But living like that reduces the chance of finding true love. Be brave and give love a chance every once in a while. This album tells us love’s our only chance at truly living. 


Get to know WH3N more through his music here.



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