[Interview] Blazing into the future together with Rolling Quartz!

Meet Rolling Quartz, a South Korean Rock Band consisting of five members. The vocalist – Jayoung, guitarist duo – Hyunjung and Iree, bassist – Arem, and on the drums, Yongeun. Debuted just over a month ago, they have been gaining popularity steadily. They adorn a platoon of fans supporting them called “Diadems“.

Hallyure had an opportunity to interview the band about their debut, music and much more. Let’s get started!

To begin with, please introduce “Rolling Quartz” members to our readers who may not be familiar with your work. 


Jayoung: Hey guys! I’m Jayoung and I’m Rolling Quartz’ vocalist.


Hyunjung: Hello, I am one of the guitarists. My name is Hyunjung.


Iree: I’m Iree. I’m also a guitarist.


Arem: I’m Arem. I’m the bassist.


Youngeun: Hey guys, I’m Youngeun. I’m the drummer in Rolling Quartz.

How was the name “Rolling Quartz” chosen and how does every member connect to it?

Rolling Quartz” came from combining the names of the two bands the members were in before – “Rose Quartz” and “Rolling Girlz”. When we decided to join and form a new band, we wanted to combine the names. 

Rolling Quartz’s fans have a very unique name – “Diadems”. How was this name selected and what were the other contending names? 

We selected the fandom name through a contest. We asked fans to submit their ideas for fandom names and to vote on their favourites. From the top three answers – Rockiez, Qrystalz, and Diadem, we chose Diadem because we felt it best represented our community and how they relate to us and to each other.


Your latest release, ‘BLAZE’, talks about “blazing up to the top and turning a fantasy into reality”. What was the inspiration behind the track? 

While working on ‘Blaze,’ we thought a lot about our energy, our fellowship, and the confidence we have in ourselves and each other as members of Rolling Quartz.


How does it feel to have officially debuted?

Jayoung: I feel so excited!

Hyunjung: I can’t believe it.

Iree: It’s really unbelievable.

Arem: Finally!

Youngeun: It made my heart race.

All the members heavily influence the making of the track “Random”. How did the song come about? Were there any challenges that came across during the creation process?

Collaborations always produce some challenges, but it was a fun experience. Hyunjung wrote her solo completely on her own, and during the recording process, Jayoung had the freedom to “ad-lib” and sing however she liked. It was so good, they kept it!


You recently did an online concert during Christmas eve, how was the experience according to all the members? 

Jayoung: We decorated the stage a lot, and the decorations were beautiful. It was fun!

Hyunjung: I will never forget it.

Iree: Because of COVID, we couldn’t have a Christmas party, but the Christmas Eve online concert was the best Christmas Eve ever.

Arem: Everyone’s red clothes looked so good.

Youngeun: It was our first Christmas with Diadem! 

How different is an online concert from offline concerts? 

Online concerts are very different. The energy, the atmosphere, and the feeling of performing are really different. We miss seeing our fans face to face, and we can’t wait to have an in-person concert again soon! But, it is nice to share our concert with people all around the world, to get to read fans’ comments and thoughts, and to interact with them in ways we can’t during offline shows.

Rolling Quartz is known for covering a lot of songs in their own colour, amongst all the songs covered so far, which one is the most complex according to the members?

All the members in agreement, it’s our cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” Iree and Jayoung change instruments during the performance, and it’s not an easy song to play!’

[Cover by Rolling Quartz] Shape of you – Ed Sheeran

How did the members meet and how was the band formed? 

We met for the first time in 2019 when Youngeun’s teacher introduced Rose Quartz to Rolling Girlz. After we met, we all talked and unanimously decided that we wanted to play in a band together. That was how the idea for Rolling Quartz started.

What is your go-to song at the moment that you would like to recommend to our readers?

If we talk about Rolling Quartz, then our song “Blaze” of course! and here are the other artists creations~

Jayoung: ONEOKROCK – “Never Let This Go”

Hyunjung: Avishai Cohen – “The Ever Evolving Etude”

Iree: A Day to Remember – “Resentment”

Arem: Seo Taiji – “Internet War”

Youngeun: Bring Me The Horizon – “MANTRA”

Which Korean food would you like to recommend our readers?

Jayoung: Korean spicy stir-fried pork (jeyook bokkeum) (力腊汉澜)

Hyunjung: Korean chicken (dak) (催)

Iree: Korean spicy chicken (dakgalbi) (催哎厚)

Arem: Grilled beef intestines (gopchang) (蚌芒)

Youngeun: Hot and spicy rice cakes (ddeokbokki) (侗汉捞)

During the days when you have a packed-up schedule, how do you relieve your stress?

Jayoung: I love to eat sweets and desserts.

Hyunjung: I play games. I am a game master.

Iree: I enjoy mining for hours in Minecraft.

Arem: I eat spicy food.

Youngeun: I like watching Running Man.

As we know members spend a lot of time with each other, what is the most heartwarming memory of a member or a fan that makes you smile to date.

One of our best memories is eating pizza at Han River Park in the fall. We had a picnic near the river and enjoyed the weather together. It was really sweet.


How do you usually spend your free time? Have you picked any new hobbies or activities during the quarantine?

Jayoung: I started boxing, but I really like working out. Exercise is my hobby!

Hyunjung: I play games. I am a game master. (laughs)

Iree: These days I am teaching my cats Korean. Simple words like “sister” and “mom”…

Arem: I make resin art, especially keychains.

Youngeun: If I have free time, I just like resting at home.

What are the new year resolutions of the members? (Individual members)

Jayoung: I want to make another great song.

Hyunjung: My goal is to master vibrato on the guitar.

Iree: Just staying healthy.

Arem: I want to watch 50 movies this year.

Youngeun: Release a new album

How did the year 2020 create any impact on Rolling Quartz and the members so far, both musically and otherwise?

Because of the COVID pandemic, 2020 was a really hard year for everyone. It was frustrating to not play concerts and not meet fans. We had to cancel many events and cancel travel plans, like our concert in Japan with BRATS (Japanese girl rock band). It was so frustrating!

[by Rolling Quartz] Dynamite Rock Version – BTS

What is the biggest goal “Rolling Quartz” wants to achieve by the end of 2021?

Jayoung, Iree, and Youngeun together: To be the best girl rock band in Asia!

Hyunjung: Why not world domination?

Arem: That’s next year.

Thank you for talking with Hallyure! Would you like to share a message to your fans and to be fans?

Diadem! Please stay healthy and take care of yourself. Your health is very important. Your support gives us strength, and we’re thinking of you and cheering for you too!

Iree: Think positively! Eat good food! Sleep!

Jayoung: Iree, are you their older sister?

(members laugh)

Thank you again for having this conversation and sharing your heart to heart talks with Hallyure Readers! We really wish you best for your future endeavours.

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  • Vallari
    3 months ago Reply

    Here is the interview translated into Italian by Team Rolling Quartz Italia*
    (@rollingquartzit on Twitter) !!!
    Link to tweet~

  • Pınar
    3 months ago Reply

    Yeeyyyyy best girls!!

  • Andria
    3 months ago Reply

    Lovely article, I’m looking forward to whatever Rolling Quartz has to offer us in the new year. Stay healthy and safe! Love ya!

  • John Maguire
    3 months ago Reply

    A whole new spin on hard rock. Really top notch and a drummer all guys want to marry. Including me! Great Girls! And excellent talent. 🌀HURRICANEJJ

  • cam
    3 months ago Reply

    to think that they had fun with blaze and seeing the result it’s jaw dropping since it came out so good! also you could tell by the mv as well, just girls making rock and having fun. i can’t wait to see what else they bring to the table. rolling quartz 화이팅!

  • dani
    3 months ago Reply

    they are amazing in every way, omg seriously I’m so happy to have met them, they have my full support from now on ^^

  • Sam
    3 months ago Reply

    They’re so sweet!! I good interview

  • metal mike in oakland
    2 weeks ago Reply

    their drummer is a m on s t e r (their skills/technique). ask anyone who’s a pro or semi-pro drummer (after they watch any three minutes of footage, inc the ‘drum covers’ on the drummer’s youtube page). 99of100 will be — “holy crap, this is some (jaw drop) great shit.” the right hand/stick in particular is like lightning, when it comes off of the highhat into rolls, esp ones that also touch the ride/crash cymbals.

    imho they could ‘sit in’ with any established pro hard rock band, any country, and (if they knew the song(s), five minutes later, it would be a better sounding band.

    (noted: this is what 100’s of people eventually wound up saying about the (NYC, 1973-etc) Dictators’ borderline-world-famous lead guitarist “Ross the Boss” (freidman). (and the various other bands he played in, totaling about 30 albums over the last forty years, counting his solo-band albums). hmmm. i bet a youtube link (of what i’m talking about) would come right up (my favorite imho was that groups “fall 1973 CBS Records demo / five songs, which again imho was “the greatest sounding american hard rock of the entire 70’s” and beyond. yep there’s one right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBOY0zGRA0Y / THE DICTATORS Backseat Boogie (fall 1973, CBS demos)

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