A trip to Lacuna’s Wonderland [Interview]

Having soulful melodies and distinct stories in their music, South Korean Band โ€œLacunaโ€ had an exchange with Hallyure, discussing a variety of topics. Get to know the band, their musical inspirations and many more in this Hallyure Exclusive.

Lacuna is a South Korean rock band consisting of 4 members – Jang Kyungmin (Vocalist and Guitarist), Jung Minhyuk (Guitarist), Oh Isaac (Drummer), and Kim Ho (Bassist) They made their official debut on 12 December 2020 with an EP titled Incompleteness Dream (๋์ด ์—†๋Š” ๊ฟˆ์„ ๊ทธ๋Œ€์—๊ฒŒ ์ค„๊ฒŒ์š”). As of today, They have released 3 EPs and 1 single album.

Their latest EP ‘Hello, Wonderland’ is stated to be the conclusive chapter in the tale that they have woven through their songs.


Letโ€™s look at what the band had to say about the different things that were brought to the table in this conversation.

For our readers, who arenโ€™t familiar with LACUNA yet, can you please introduce yourself briefly?

Band Lacuna sings warm-hearted love for excluded people. Our music shows mystic and impactful sound with dreamy lyrics. We debuted in December 2018 and recently released our third EP โ€˜Hello, Wonderlandโ€™. We have released 3 EP albums and 1 single album until now.

How a group of people came together to form one entity is always an interesting story. Whatโ€™s the story behind the four of you getting together to form Lacuna?

JUNG MINHYUK: I first met KYUNGMIN at the age of 19 in an instrumental playing group. Our musical taste matched very well and we became friends. KYUNGMIN suggested that I form a band, showing his demo, and I accepted at once because I liked the suggestion very much. While looking for a drummer, we requested ISAAC to join and ISAAC brought HO, the bassist. 

Lacuna literally means a void or a gap. Is this the meaning you sought when you named the group? What were the events leading to the bandโ€™s naming?

JANG KYUNGMIN: I wrote a song named โ€˜Lacunaโ€™ inspired by the movie โ€˜Eternal Sunshine of spotless mindsโ€™. We werenโ€™t acting officially by then, but we always gathered together to write songs and think about how weโ€™ll show the band. 

And then we decided to show mystic music like being in a dream, and the word that could express that mood was โ€˜Lacunaโ€™. The word โ€˜Lacunaโ€™ matched very well with the memories that it includes and the dreamy music that we wanted to express. 

Recently, the Bandโ€™s 3rd EP ‘Hello, Wonderland’ was released. Can you introduce the album for our readers?

JANG KYUNGMIN: This album sings about the collapse of the world. We tried to deliver a specific story with each album and present a fairy-tale-like view of the world on our own. This album presents the collapse of that world. 

It might seem gloomy and depressing but in fact, it has a warm and beautiful story. Plus, we tried to sing the collapse of the world in a rhythmical rhythm. The message of this album is โ€œAlthough the world collapses we will always stay together, so do not lose love.โ€

Listen to the Album Now on Spotify โ€“ Hello, Wonderland

Is there any song in this album that you personally prefer over the others? If yes, which one and why?

JANG KYUNGMIN: I personally like the song โ€˜Dancing in the rainโ€™. The song expresses well the theme โ€˜beautiful collapseโ€™ and the sound of the music shows an impactful experience. I could feel pleasure due to the dynamic energy of the song while writing the song. 

JUNG MINHYUK: โ€˜TOOOOOOโ€™. I really like the style of the song and itโ€™s a good song to listen while travelling. 

KIM HO: I like the song โ€˜Carnivalโ€™ because it really expresses the sound of bass and drums well.

OH ISAAC: Originally my favourite song was โ€˜Hello, Wonderlandโ€™, but now โ€˜Carnivalโ€™ is my favourite. Itโ€™s the first song that I played the Timpani, and I really practiced a lot. As much as I practiced, I have affection for the song, and I like that we tried new things through this song. 

Watch the music video for ‘Dancing in the rain-Lacuna’:

LACUNA – Dancing in the rain
As we see in this album as well, for most parts if not completely, the band is in charge of the complete procedure of song-making. How does this procedure – from the initial inspiration of the song to the final product usually look like?

KIM HO: Usually KYUNGMIN brings a sketch of the song, and we talk about it while rehearsal and build up the song. Afterward, we complete the song with MIDI. Thatโ€™s the usual process. Sometimes we finish writing songs while in rehearsal. 

Was there any phase when you found yourself devoid of any musical inspiration? What were your ways to overcome that phase?

JANG KYUNGMIN: There wasnโ€™t a long phase. In fact, every time I sit down with an instrument and try to write a song, I find myself devoid of musical inspiration. Especially at the beginning, because it sounds terrible in the sketch process. I know itโ€™s something obvious, but I always find myself depressed. 

Every time I write a song, I fall into slump for some time and then overcome again. I try to warn myself to not fall into a deep slump. And I balance my phase by doing a simple exercise or meditation. 

Apart from music, what activities do you find yourself doing the most as a group or individual?

JANG KYUNGMIN: I like to stay at home, so I do static activities. I usually watch movies or read a book. I like to finish an area Iโ€™m interested in, so when I get interested in something I try to search for it a lot. Recently, Iโ€™m studying British rock music, especially the chronicle of British bands. 

JUNG MIN HYUK: I like shopping and driving, but I changed to stay at home due to COVID-19.

KIM HO: I play games a lot.

OH ISAAC: I like playing basketball, so I gather around with my friends playing basketball or play โ€˜FIFAโ€™ because I like soccer games as well. 

This year hasnโ€™t been the same to anyone. How were your daily life and activities affected by the pandemic?

KIM HO: My boundaries were always home, subway, rehearsal room, and show hall โ€“ even before COVID-19 -, so thereโ€™s not a big change, but my daily life has changed. All the concerts have been canceled, and we got to do untact concerts. There were lots of stages that I really wanted to stand on, and itโ€™s a bit sad. So we are doing our best in every show. 

What was the main reason for pursuing music as a career and Who has or have been your biggest inspiration?

JANG KYUNGMIN: My biggest inspiration was the bands I liked. It was attractive how they expressed artistically and form culture by the art. The power and the beauty of music led me until here. 

JUNG MINHYUK: My mom was a part of a band when she was young. She was my biggest inspiration.

KIM HO: My mother took me to a piano class when I was in primary school. Thatโ€™s how I got to know music and became to like it. Now I play the bass guitar, and thatโ€™s because of my friend in middle school. I was playing the violin by then, and he suggested me to be a part of a rock band. He said it would be easy to learn because it only has 4 strings. I wouldnโ€™t have even imagined playing bass or rock music if it wasnโ€™t for my friend. Iโ€™m still in touch with him. 

OH ISAAC: I started music in thoughts of I should do what I like and what makes me happy. I decided to pursue music as my career thinking that Iโ€™ll regret it if I donโ€™t. 

If given a chance to collaborate with any artist around the globe, who would you pick?

JANG KYUNGMIN: I would like to collaborate with Cigarettes After Sex if I have a chance.

JUNG MINHYUK: Coldplay. The band was my inspiration and if I could collaborate with Coldplay, I believe I could grow up one step more. 

KIM HO: When I decided to do music in high school, I studied a lot about โ€˜Snarky Puppyโ€™, a jam band. The leader and bassist โ€˜Michael Leagueโ€™ gave me lots of inspiration. I listen to Snarky Puppyโ€™s album every day and copy that style. If I have a chance to collaborate with him, I would like to confess how much I admire and like him.

OH ISAAC: Red Hot Chili Peppers. I listen to their music a lot these days.

If you are asked to suggest only one of your songs to a non-listener, which one will you pick and why?

OH ISAAC: I would recommend โ€˜Happily Ever Afterโ€™. Thatโ€™s the music that we try to show and it expresses well the fairy-tale-like elements of the song.

Listen to Happily Ever After-Lacuna on Spotify

What are the future plans that the band wishes to put in action?

JANG KYUNGMIN: We are planning to make new and fresh music by studying and investigating more about music. I want to show a nice album with mystic and warm stories that can express Lacuna well. Lacuna will be positioned as a band with a unique style of music.

To end this interview, we would like to ask you to give a message to your fans and our readers.

JANG KYUNGMIN: Always take care and stay safe. I hope one day weโ€™ll grow as a big band and meet you at a concert, in a world without the pandemic. 

JUNG MINHYUK: Thank you for listening to our music wherever you are. I hope we can meet soon after COVID-19.

KIM HO: You know the best instrument is bass, right? I was KIM HO, the bassist of Lacuna. I always wanted to do concerts abroad and stand on international stages and I hope that day will come soon. Letโ€™s all stay safe till then. Fighting!

OH ISAAC: I hope our music will console you in hard and difficult times. Cheer up!


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Oh Isaac ์˜ค์ด์‚ญ (@oh_sak) โ€ข Instagram photos and videos


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