EPEX debuts with ‘Lockdown’

EPEX released their first single ever ‘Lockdown’ on 8 June 2021. The song is part of their debut EP ‘Bipolar, Pt.1 Prelude of Anxiety’, which consists of a total of 5 tracks including the title track.

EPEX short for Eight Apex which is under C9 Entertainment, consists of 8 members-

  1. Wish– Leader, Vocalist, Dancer
  2. Keum– Rapper, Dancer
  3. Mu– Lead Vocalist
  4. A-Min– Vocalist, Dancer
  5. Baek Seung– Rapper
  6. Ayden– Lead Rapper
  7. Yewang– Main Vocalist
  8. Jeff– Main Rapper, Maknae (the youngest)

The group name stands for- “the gathering of eight youths reaches eight different apexes”.

The EP aims to talk about mental health problems like anxiety and more that is felt by most youth now. Some of these feelings are the members personal experiences. The title track ‘Lockdown’ especially focuses on the effect of technology and today’s way of living on mental health.

In the lyrics the group sings about a life swallowed by envy and jealousy due to what one sees on social media. “A viral bullet” is used to describe how people portray themselves to try and achieve fame. Their minds are sick from the obsession and constant need to put on a mask. From fake friendships, fixation on brands and likes on Instagram, the song does not miss a single struggle.

Written and composed by Anthony Russo, danke (lalala studio), inverness, Jay Kim, Kyle Buckley, Landon Sears, MZMC, and PinkSlip, the song employs a very catchy synth beat for most of the song that is backed by a subtle yet strong bass. The melody builds with the drums during the pre-chorus and the beat drops in an unanticipated way in the chorus. The members rap is the highlight of the song as it drives the lyrics of the song with a sense of power and purpose.

The music video employs a dark theme and is shot in a warehouse surrounded by metal scrap and props were used to deliver messages. A broken keyboard was used to explain the effect of the digital world on the person, leaving them broken. These broken keyboards are the triggers to bombs that are ticking away slowly, implying that the person is bound to breakdown/lockdown completely.

Listen to the album on Apple Music and Spotify

IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- C9 Entertainment

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