Yubin entices audience in track, “Perfume”

Singer and songwriter Yubin has released her first single of 2021, titled, “Perfume” on January 13, 2021, along with a music video for the same. This single comes eight months after her previous release last year titled, “Me Time”, making this a highly anticipated release.

Being written by Yubin herself, with Dr.JO helping in the lyric writing and composition process,  the song is a perfect juxtaposition of trendy and retro, creating a unique and catchy sound.

Watch the music video for Perfume here –

Yubin – Perfume

Known for her unique concepts, Yubin has not disappointed this time either, with her song having a dark and somewhat sinister concept. We see “Perfume” as a seductive song that talks about how addictive her lover’s fragrance is, and that she wants them to be her perfume. The euphoric feeling that comes from her lover’s scent can be seen in lyrics such as,

“The empty air of this city, it’s hard to fill,


Perfume, make me scented, be my


When I spray you on me,

I shine like new.

Fume-fume, fume-fume, like perfume,

Hurry, on me,

Yes, you are,

My Perfume.”

Yubin – Perfume

Yubin’s sultry voice along with the fast paced raps interspersed in between the song, only enhance the mood of the song. Apart from that, the sound of the synthesizer adds to the thrill of the song.

Still from the music video (Yubin – Perfume)

The music video for the song sees Yubin in dazzling outfits as she dances to the splendid choreography. It shows how she meets a man, only for it to turn a sinister end, as she seems to trap him, as we see him saying in a bathtub, unconscious, with his fragrance dropping into a beaker, presumably to be the ‘perfume’.

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Yubin – Perfume


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