Yozoh releases new single, “Weak People”

South Korean soloist, Yozoh has released her latest digital single titled, Weak People on February 16, 2021, along with a music video for the same. The single also includes an instrumental version of the title track. Dubbed as the singing goddess of the Hongdae district, her unique musical style is something that her audience loves and does not fail to shine in this song as well.

Watch the music video for “Weak People here –

Weak People by Yozoh

This single comes about three weeks after her previous single,Quince Tree released on January 25, 2021, after a hiatus of almost four years. Known for her minimalist sound and meaningful lyrics, Yozoh is able to capture the beauty in the ordinary as she does in this song.

The song is of the ballad and folk genre, and has been written by Yozoh herself and has been composed by Sagong. The lyrics of the song depict the nature of human beings, and how they can be both big and small or can have both strength and weakness. Yozoh in this song seems to focus on the fragility and weakness of people, how people can be so small.

The song’s music only has the guitar in the background along with the sound of a tambourine. The simple melody fits best with Yozoh’s soft and calming vocals.

Still from the music video (Weak People by Yozoh)

The music video for the song shows Yozoh in a coffee shop as she plays the tambourine and sings the song with the guitarist playing alongside her. The video is fairly monotonous, with no climactic scene happening, however the minimal approach is what captures the essence of the song perfectly.

Listen to the single here –

Weak People by Yozoh

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY – Magic Strawberry Sound/ Genie Official

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