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Kim Jae Hwan released the music video for his new single “I Wouldn’t Look For You” on 7 April 2021. The song is part of his 3rd mini album “Change” which contains a total of 8 tracks. The B-side “Without you” features the artist HYNN. Kim Jae Hwan belongs to Swing Entertainment.

 The single “I’m Not Okay” released in August 2020 was his last release and since then he worked on two special projects. Kim Jae Hwan made his debut as part of the group Wanna One in 2017, a project boy group formed from the finalists of Produce 101 Season 2, a survival show hosted by Mnet. He made his solo debut in 2019 with his 1st mini album “Another”

The tracklist for “Change” is as follows-

Song NameWritten by
PrayKebee, Kim Jae Hwan, Seolon (Papermaker), Yoon Jong Sung (MonoTree)
I Wouldn’t Look For YouDosi, Kim Jae Hwan, Lizlee, SFaceG
Without You (with HYNN)Jung Su Min, Kim Jae Hwan, KZ
Blue MoonKim Jae Hwan, Lee Joo Hyong (MonoTree), KZ
My FlowerKebee, Kim Jae Hwan, Loogine, Tenzo
Get AntsyKebee, Kim Jae Hwan, N!ko, SUHO, Tenzo
LululalaKim Jae Hwan, Papermaker, Tenzo, WWWAVE
Letter to You1-Take, Keebee, Kim Jae Hwan, Renee (Papermaker), TA$K, Tenzo
Song Credits

The lyrics of “I Wouldn’t Look For You” simply a sad breakup where the person moves on and will not look for the one they loved again although they are missed. Even when at life’s end they will not look for them and shall hide their tears sings Kim Jae Hwan.

The music video tells a contradicting story as it starts off with Kim Jae Hwan trying to reach his love through the phone. He makes a call through a payphone and while it rings he reminisces over the memories the two of them shared. The call is left unanswered due to a twist in fate that no one foresaw making it a painful story. The video does not hint on “moving on” exactly as the lyrics do.

Checkout the music video to find out what happens to these sad lovers

Kim Jae Hwan participated in the making of the album in all aspects apart from the lyrics and composition making it a special piece of work with his touch for the audience. He is even seen playing the guitar in the music video for the title track.

The title track of “Change” takes inspiration from the Latin Pop genre by integrating the Latin style guitar rhythm which is the protagonist in the melody. The guitar is accompanied by the piano and brass. Kim Jae Hwan’s voice grows stronger during the chorus and bridge especially with the high note which delivers the melancholy in the song.

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IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- Swing Entertainment

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