Pentagon Mini Album WE:TH

Boygroup PENTAGON has made a new addition to their impressively filled discography with the release of their 10th Mini-album ‘WE: TH’ on 12 October 2020. The album comes with a music video and 6 songs, one of which is available only on physical CDs and not digitally.

WE:TH’ is an album containing songs of different genres, brought together to tell a story of love and heartbreaks. The name is a creative mix of 2 words “We” and “With” indicating the theme of the album, togetherness, and the lack of it.

The lead track of the mini-album is called ‘Daisy‘ and is accompanied by a music video full of intense emotions and colourful surroundings. ‘Daisy‘ is a song filled with anger and resentment for the lie that was called love before breaking up with one’s lover. It is an alternative rock song full of strong emotions represented through bright, intense colours in the video.

The second track of the album is called ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ and is a sentimental track. The lyrics are about not wanting to break up and wishing that even if they do, it will be a beautiful goodbye that leaves only happy memories. The song is written by Kino and Wooseok and composed by Kino, Nathan, and HOHO.


Nostalgia‘ is the third song on the list. The Korean title of the song translates to ‘That Year, That Month, That Day’ and is a nostalgic song about the times spent happily with one’s ex. It is described as a song like an old photograph taken out of a drawer. The song is written by Wooseok and composed by him along with Mospick.

You Like’, the fourth track is a dance song of the Hip-Hop genre. A fast-paced song whose chorus ‘What would you like’ gets stuck in your mind, this one is written by Hui and Wooseok and composed by them in addition to MINIT.

Yet another song by Kino and Wooseok is the fifth track of WE:TH, called ‘Paradise’. It is an electronic dance song with the vibes of KPop music from the late 2000’s. Composed by Wooseok and Mospick, it has a mix of present day Kpop and retro elements in a song about making a paradise of love. The Korean title translates to ‘This Starry Night

The final track on the album is ‘I’m Here’, a solo song composed, written and performed by member Jinho, who is currently fulfilling his military duties. This song is available only on the physical album and not digitally. ‘I’m here‘ is a comforting song giving hope and faith to those who are going through a hard time and need a place to rest.

WE:TH is their first album in 8 months, post-release of ‘Universe: The Black Hall’ in February. It also sees the return of member Yan-An after his long hiatus. All tracks are self-composed by the group, living up to their reputation of a self-made idol group.

Pentagon’s 10th Mini-Album ‘WE:TH‘ is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

Check out the music video for ‘DAISY‘ below –



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