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Wendy makes her solo debut with “Like Water”

Wendy - Like Water

Wendy marks her debut as a solo artist with the release of the song “Like Water” on 5 April 2021. The song is part of her 1st mini-album named after the title track “Like Water” which consists of a total of 5 songs including the title track. One of the tracks “Best Friend” features her fellow group member Seulgi from the girl group Red Velvet.

Wendy made her debut as part of girl group Red Velvet in 2014 under SM Entertainment. She is known for extraordinary vocals and has been a bright star in the Korean music industry. She has collaborated with a lot of artists like Zico, Eric Nam and even John Legend. She has also been the voice in multiple K drama OSTs.

The track list for the album is as follows-

Song NameWritten Composed
When The Rain StopsminGtionminGtion
Like WaterKenzie, Yoo Young JinAnne Judith Stokke Wik,
Why Can’t You Love MeKu Tae WooJamie Jones, Lamont Neuble,
Matt Wong, Paulina Cerrilla,
Tim Stewart
The RoadLee Ju HyoungAejin Kwon, Monotree
Best Friend (with Seulgi)Kim Yeon SeoKim Yeon Seo, minGtion
Song Credits

The title track “Like Water” is a pop ballad mainly featuring the acoustic guitar. Wendy’s vocals deliver the emotions of the song in a golden cloche. The song is sensitive and heartwarming while it showcases the best of Wendy’s vocals.

The lyrics of the song signifies Wendy’s love. She compares it to water; like water. Water is indispensable to life. Droplets of water gather to form a large body that flows through time exactly how her love builds into a massive body and flows to protect and heal.

My love is like water

Filling your sore spots

It covers the deep wounds and embraces you tightly

It makes you rise again

Wendy – Like Water

The music video for the song is a mix of soft and warm colors, outfits, sets and designs. The video compliments the song very well giving us the best of Wendy’s visuals. The dresses and set takes inspiration from historic and aesthetic themes. Some also feature props from the 90s like the Walkman (music player).

Listen to the album on Apple Music and Spotify

IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- SM Entertainment

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