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VINXEN lets a blissful tone in FLYING HIGH WITH U

vinxen flying high with u

Hip-hop artist VINXEN just released a single album titled ‘FLYING HIGH WITH U’. The album and the music video for the title track were released on 7th March 2020.

The title track shares its name with the album title. Other tracks include ‘ํ•„์š”๊ฐ€’ and ‘์†Œ๋‚˜๊ธฐ‘, translating to Need and Rain-Shower respectively.

Watch the music video for ‘FLYING HIGH WITH U’ by VINXEN here:


VINXEN is the lyricist while An Sung Hyun is the sole composer and producer of the song. Additionally, Joosiq and Lunch are credited for their participation in the chorus.

The song (or the album) acts as the sequel for his past release ‘SINKING DOWN WITH U‘. With this, he presents his journey to the listeners as they witness him overcoming his past image. The song has a very positive feel to it. It’s also very melodic, despite essentially being a rap song. Most of the song is done in a sing-rapping fashion. The upbeat production keeps the energy while being modest at the same time.

The lyrics seem to have a holiday as its focus. It does use it to reflect upon various issues of life in general. The theme of finding happiness, especially in the vicinity of a loved one and the moments it brings resonate in the lyrics. It’s all about the joy of being in the same space!

The music video doesn’t differ much from the lyrics. It’s much like a visual representation of the song. The sea-side, the Viking ride and a loved one for your happiness – all make an appearance in the video. It is filled with moments that radiate happiness.

Image: FLYING HIGH WITH U – ๋ฒ…์Šค (

Video: 1theK (์›๋”์ผ€์ด) – YouTube

Courtesy of Romantic Factory

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