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UP10TION’S Lee Jinhyuk a releases music video for “5K”

UP10TION‘S Lee Jinhyuk has released his latest mini-album titled, SCENE26 on April 5, 2021, along with a music video for the title track, 5K“. The album consists of seven songs in total, with the other six songs apart from the title, all seeing the participation of Lee Jinhyuk in the writing and composition of the songs.

Song Credits

This album has been highly anticipated by fans as it comes nine months after his previous release, Splash! in June of 2020. In addition 5K is also the singer’s first song about the theme of love, showcasing a different side and his growth as an artist over time.

5K is a positive and upbeat song of the pop-punk genre, minimalistic in nature, with a bass riff sound. The song has been written and composed by Hey Farmer (PRISMFILTER) and Innerchild (MonoTree).

Watch the music video for5K here –

5K by Lee Jinhyuk

Though the song is about love, it has a unique concept as it describes the feeling of being in love to encounter a 5K LED screen every day. The lyrics are quite witty as well as the pun on the Korean pronunciation of “5K” to be sounding like the English word “OK“. This fun feeling of falling in love is expressed through lyrics such as,

“5K (OK) believe me and have intuition,

You can follow me yeah,

5K (OK) clearer show me, come to me,

Even millions of pixels can’t contain you,

Only fill you up, full screen wide.”

5K by Lee Jinhyuk

Lee Jinhyuk shows off both his singing as well as rapping skills, his performance positive and cheerful. The addition of instruments like the piano and guitar during the chorus add to the cheerful atmosphere of the song.

Still from the music video (5K by Lee Jinhyuk)

The music video for the song is quite humorous and takes place in the setting of an art gallery. We see Lee Jinhyuk acting as if he is a part of the paintings and sculptures, as he walks like a model on a runway show.


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